Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In the beginning of 2008

Gedebuk and Gedebak, believe it or not, we have already passed the middle of 2008. What a better way to celebrate it with the Prime Minister "sadly" announcing the increase of the petrol price.

Well, I do not plan to dwell on that "sensational issue" for my first post. I’d like to share with you all how interesting my first part of 2008 was.

It all began in January 2008... It wasn't the most anticipating time of the year. I was recovering from a tibia bone fracture that I got from playing futsal. It certainly was and is the worst injury I have ever gotten before. I was working as the Senior Assistant Registrar in the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Come February 2008, I received a letter informing me that I have to attend a one month induction course together with national service in March order to be confirmed in “the service”. Went cold turkey to stop smoking. Had running nose for three weeks due to lack of nicotine.

March 2008 flew away without much hassle (except for the ciggy cravings). I was at the training centre for the whole month. Quietly feeling so bloody excited because of my wedding the next month.

April 2008 marks the most important time of my life. I got married to my ex-girlfriend and ex-fiancée. The special and beautiful girl whom I had been hoping to be my bride since time immemorial finally became my bride. I’m so happy…

May 2008, the first time I celebrated my bride’s birthday as her husband. It feels different. It feels wholesome and blessed. Mei was also quite a turmoil month for me. I was informed that I will be transferred. A new officer was attached to my chambers as my understudy in mid-May when I had no idea where I would be heading.

In June 2008, the letter finally came and I was officially confirmed as a Magistrate in Kuala Lumpur. Oh, i also managed to get my bride's help to set up this blog... *clap*clap*clap* to the bride!!!

There you go… a super brief synopsis of the beginning of 2008. I have purposely omitted the details for some other time. Oh well… till next time…

blog adjourned!

2 obiter dictum:

Liza M. said...

ala...stakat jaga trafik...sudahla..

two_one said...

biasalah... saya cumalah sebesar tahi hidung saja di alam legal ini... sekadar pencacai kehakiman dan keadilan...