Monday, June 9, 2008

Hijrah Remaja 2: My Personal Legacy…(Part Two)

I met the Boss quite a number of times after the first meeting but there was no news of the new season of Hijrah Remaja. We would occasionally meet up for some drinks and to catch up with each other. We became good friends.

It was not until the end of 2005 that he told me that the idea of making Hijrah Remaja 2 would crystallize sometime soon. I then went to meet him and after much discussion, it was agreed that I would be the next host and the assistant producer for Hijrah Remaja 2. My job scope as the assistant producer was actually to be involved in the making of the skeletal script and topics for the whole season. I then roped in my cousin as the script writer. Senang sikit nak buat kerja dengan orang yang dah lama kenal.

At that time, it was not decided as to who would be my co-host. My Boss asked me if I would be comfortable with Waheeda. I told him that I don’t know her personally and that I am okay with anyone. It was later agreed that Waheeda was going to be my co-host. Some people say that I tempel (borrowed) her popularity to gain my own popularity. That WAS the idea for the SHOW but not for my personal fame. I wasn’t hoping to be famous from the show but the show must have some x-factor attached to it. We believed that Waheeda’s popularity would serve as the main attraction for people to watch the show. Responsibility was then laid on my shoulders to design and conduct the show so that the viewers would be glued to the show till the end.

Throughout the beginning of 2006, I was very busy with the preparation of the show. I was in my final year in law school. We managed to complete the skeletal script and got the approval from Jakim just before production. The Boss also took me out on a shopping spree for my wardrobe. First time gua shopping melampau gila!!! (He said that I could keep the clothes if he is happy with the show… and I still have the whole wardrobe with me!!! Hehehe)

Recording begun early 2006. It was a ten day shoot with a three day break for Chinese New Year. We managed to cramp in 27 episodes during the 10 day shoot. These ten episodes were sold to Astro. Astro bought all rights to the show. The show was aired for the first time sometime in April 2006 and went on till the end of the year. I was also involved in the post-production of the show. That was a fun experience! The Boss also managed to set an interview with Media Hiburan. That was fun too!!

And now, with the new Astro Oasis Channel, the re-run of Hijrah Remaja 1 & 2 are currently aired weekly. This may be the reason why I am still being asked by strangers everywhere if I am the host for Hijrah Remaja 2.

I was asked once, what was the most difficult thing about hosting the show. It was to be humble and not to get my head too big. Arrogance and conceit will destroy all of my sincerity. The problem is, I know that sometimes (or maybe most of the time), I am arrogant. I still have that arrogant disease in me even today. I still remember my daddy’s advice to make a new vow (or niat / intention) that I want to make the show solely for the Big One Up There (and getting paid for it too) when driving to the set every morning. Hence the reason why I usually answer that my twin brother was the actual host (if you don’t understand what I mean, just go and read the first paragraph in Part One of this post.)

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