Monday, August 18, 2008

Buckle up!

Today I handled a straigh forward case of driving without a safety belt. The chap got a ticket for not wearing his safety belt somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. He claimed trial and decided to be his own defence counsel. Apparently, he used to practice law before. I read some time ago about an old English which says that he who defends himself has a fool as his client. I think the chap in my court today was the exception to that old saying. He presented himself quite well.

The prosecution had 4 witnesses but took the testimony of only 3 witnesses. All 3 witnesses were the policeman on duty at the roadblock station.

After that, the accused proceeded with his submission of no case to answer. I allowed the prosecuting officer to reply and the accused to reply the prosecutor’s reply. I then gave myself 1 month to decide if there should be a prima facie case against the accused.

The trial started at 2.40pm and ended at 5pm. This means I had been writing for 2 hours 20 minutes flat out. FUYOOO… Penat jugaklah… I hope they amend the Criminal Procedure Code to allow us to record criminal proceedings instead of writing them down.

I am really excited as this is my first case where I manage to complete the prosecution’s case and manage to complete the submissions of both parties. It all boils down to me to finally decide whether there is a case against the accused after all. I gave myself 1 month to decide.

Good luck to justice!!!

Blog adjourned!

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