Saturday, September 20, 2008

Risky Business

Ada sesetengah orang tanya sama ada ape yang aku tulis ni boleh ke dikongsi bersama di internet? And recently, a very close friend of mine asked me the same thing. This got me thinking about the consequence of my blog for the gazillion time. After going through my contents, I decided to continue with the current flow.

I am of the opinion that it can be shared on the net. My opinions are, well, my opinions. I have strictly disclaimed that it does not reflect what my position deems it to be. Who knows I might want them published one day when I’m old and fragile. By then, I would certainly not remember what had happened in the beginning years of my career so this blog may be adopted in the book. (hahaha, mula berangan lah tu!)

The documents that I post are public documents. Also, I purposely deleted the name of the parties involved in it. Except for the names of parties in the list of cases that I have cited, those are also public documents since they form part and parcel of our legal system. The decisions written by judges of the High Court and the Appellate Courts forms precedents which are binding upon us, the lower Courts. Therefore, any decisions written by them are presumed to be known and understood by us, the lower Courts.

I asked a very sporting senior of mine about publishing my legal reasoning and he told me:

“Why subject yourself to open criticism by some who are too coward to even put their real name?”

Betul jugak. But then, I admit that I am still new here. Hence my experience is not that much and I believe that these “constructive” criticism would indeed help me carve a better legal reasoning in the future. In other words, “kalau benda tu merepek and patut kena bambu, bambulah… kalau benda tu bagus, bagitaulah camne nak improve lagi…”

Anyhow, we must always be careful with what we write on the net. There are positive and negative consequences. Some may get a job from what they write. Some may not get the job because of what they write. Some may be put in ISA, some may be detained for sedition. Some may be identified as a cocky writer, some may be loved and be stalked upon. It’s a risk. A big risk. But is it a risk worth taking?

Blog adjourned.

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