Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anyone Up For A Second Wife?

I was reading the Star online when I came across this article. It was written by Dina Zaman. It is entitled “Why Do Men Take Second Wives”. An interesting read for a dull morning.

After reading this article, I remembered one of my father’s many short stories. He was in a conference and someone asked him why is it that Islam allows men to marry up to four wives. My father’s reply was very short. He gave the questioner three solid points. Actually he said he wanted to say four points but the fourth point was not appropriate that time. I have decided to break his third point into two. So below are his five points:

1. Before Islam came, men back then are allowed to marry up to any number of wives that they want. Islam limited the number to four. Is that not an improvement?

2. When Islam was gaining momentum, only the men were sent to battle. Many of them sacrificed their lives for Islam. Many of them left behind widow(s) with no one to care for. Most of the Muslim men contracted polygamous marriage with these widows in order to care for them. Is that not a noble act?

3. If you go anywhere around the world, you will find one teapot and four cups. You will never find one cup and four teapots.

4. If you go anywhere in this world where Muslims are the majority residents, you will find that people who marry more than one are the minority. Most of the Muslim men stay contented with only one wife.

5. Most of the men today are included in the EMPAT “T” when it comes to getting a second wife. “Tengok, Teringin, Tapi Takut!!!

I am not against polygamy. I just don’t think people are applying it the way it should be.

And please leave the Prophet (PBUH) out when you are trying to justify your lust.

It is very insulting and truly disturbing.

Blog adjourned!

6 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

this is a very disturbing post.

two_one said...

Twiggy: I am disturbed too...

Aidahs said...

hohohooo.. poligami hanya untuk yg mampu.. lame.. tak mampu pon nak jugak.. ehehehe

two_one said...

Aidahs: Bak kata P. Ramlee,"Suka hati engkaulah Labu..."

Marliza Radzi said...

a wise man, your father is.

I'm gonna go read Dina Zaman's article now. her view somewhat disturb me sometimes.

two_one said...

Marliza: Wow! you sound like Yoda. And yes, i am very grateful to have a father who is even wiser than Yoda. Am still meemancing for his knowledge and wisdom. He manages to convey his message in a very simple way so that everyone can understand him.

and Yes, most of the time Dina Zaman disturbs me too.