Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Sound Of Music…

My prosecuting officer has gone for a three week prosecuting course since last Sunday. It was a last minute thingy and now I will only get a temporary prosecuting officer to deal with my matters. Shucks! This means that most of my cases will have to be postponed as it will be difficult for the prosecuting officer to handle with cases from two courts.

Anyhow, the transfer order is out. The reorganization of the Courts in Malaysia is now a reality. It appears that a majority of the criminal magistrates will pave way and upgrade their level accordingly. I was told that 4 criminal magistrates are leaving Kuala Lumpur.

One prosecuting officer informed me that he heard from his old reliable “radio” that my bestmagistratebuddy and I will be moving up to do general crime.

I am skeptical. The civil magistrates are also vacant and I am sure some civil magistrates would want to deal with criminal matters too.

I also feel very much “bonded” with my Court now. I have done much progress here. The statistics can corroborate my statement. I have laid down some sort of a structure that could ensure that everything will run smoothly within the next couple of months. However, this structure requires supervision. No, it requires direct supervision and a number of modifications as and when necessary. So I hope that if I am taken out, the new magistrate will be as proactive as I am in ensuring that things are good.

It sucks to leave something half way. It is even worse having some other dude enjoying your fruits of success. But the worst is to not get the upgrade that you deserve.

Well, I guess my aquarium decoration will have to wait… Let's see if the Old Radio is still reliable or needs to be replaced...Till then, blog adjourned!

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blur12 said...

hey adam!
anda telah meng link kan saya.

balik je dr cuti raya, tengok byk betul updates di sini. hishh anda mmg seorang blogger!

two_one said...

Blur12: Yup, dah link dah... banyak update? ada cerita i post kan aje... hehehe