Monday, October 20, 2008

"Tet tenenet tenenet tenenet"

It's funny to see how someone would start rubbing his whole body trying to locate their phone when it rings in my court. This is especially so if their phone is not on silent mode. If you happen to drop by to my courtroom, you would see posters behind most of the benches reminding the public to switch off their hand phones or to turn them to silent mode.

Occasionally you will still hear some tacky songs, polyphonic ring tones or disco techno beat going “dutch dutch dutch dum doo dum” as the owner quickly slides out of Court to answer his precious bouncy call.

Bloody irritating! Sometimes, they even answer the phone before they step out.

Hello? Ha?? I’m in Courtlah. No, not food court but …”….Kaboom!

The Court door shuts and everyone wonders who the bugger was talking to.

Sometimes you can see them trying to figure out which is the off button as the phone happily rings in his hands. “Sorry.. Sorry…”, he would say. I always contained my urge to say:

Hello Mister… if you had put your phone in silent mode, you wouldn’t be in this awkward situation!”

But today it was different. As I was handling my matters, I kept hearing the

Tet tenenet tenenet tenenet” sound in my Court’s speaker.

You’d know that sound means that someone is either receiving or making a phone call / text message. That sound can even come from some computer speakers or radio. I let it go for the first and second time but the sound came back the third time. I thought, enough is enough. The only microphones are before the counsels in my Court so I asked all the lawyers before me:

“Is your phone switched on?”

Everyone said their phone was off. I smelled bullshit! I could’ve asked for everyone’s phone just to check who the culprit is but that would take too long so I gave the following threat in open Court:

If I hear that sound again, I am going to confiscate everyone’s phone in this Court room and keep it up here!”
(pointing to some stack of papers before me which is not visible to the public)

Guess what? The annoying “Tet tenenet tenenet tenenet” sound stopped completely till I got down from the bench. Hahaha! What a JOKE!

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Y- A-T-T said...

aku ingatkan kau nak cakap rupa2nyer tepon kau yang belum off. hehe..

owh nway, hai Adam. ingat gua x? kiter satu class.


nurul cakapcakap said...

haha best juga baca benda ni waktu bosan

Anonymous said...

masa jadi pengawas selalu rampas barang larangan kat sekolah dulu.. hahhahaa.. sekang dah jadi Tuan pon masih lagi terbawak bawak ye adam? muehehheee

two_one said...

Yatt: yup ingat... takkan nak tulis benda yang expected.. hahaha

Nurul: u nyer blog pun kelakar gak... hahaha

aidahs: dulu rampas liquid paper je, sekarang dah upgrade... hp, duit, dvd, walkietalkie pun kena rampas jadi harta kerajaan, semua legal... tada hanky panky, hehehe

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

Adam, Adam, it's just so you, magistrate or not. Dulu ingat tak kat kelas arab, rokok kau tkeluar from ur pants, and ustaz arab kita rampas? hehe

two_one said...

Hida: itu dulu, skarang aku dah berhenti dah... besides, ustad tak rampaslah, dia buat dunno aje... baik ustad tu...

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

Wait a min, kau dh stop smoke? Really? I am proud of you. Tell me, tell me how u did it.

two_one said...

Hida: Takyah wait semenet, satu abad pun takper.. hehehe, read my post in June "Are You A Quitter??".

Sasha Lyna said...

hey adam..didnt know u blogged..nk pg NYLC's blogger forum?or was it yesterday?ke today? :)

neeway, x smpat bace ur blog lg..interesting as always(tu br sekilas pndg je..hehehe)

nnt la..tgh rushing nie..hida bitau smlm she linked ur blog..

c ya!