Saturday, January 31, 2009

Papa Pitong and Mommy Roxy

-Papa Pitong tengah buat muka sardin macam takda hal-

Last year, Pitong and I would just care for our better half. Early this year, Pitong and I both manage to hit the right spot. Now, he has 7 additional members to care about!

Yes! Pitong managed to hit 7 targets! On Chinese New Year, during the eclipse of the sun, Mommy Roxy gave birth to 7 pink hamlets. Thank God I managed to transfer her into a separate cage that morning itself or it would have been some ordeal for Mommy Roxy giving birth to 7 baby hammies with Pitong around!

In the beginning, I thought it was Mommy Roxy defecating a real HUMONGOUS crap when I realize that it was impossible for it to be a hammie waste. It was a split second thingy. I saw Mommy Roxy on the wheel with one leg out. The wheel was partially moving when a bright pink thing popped out from her behind. I had a “what in the world is that pink thing” query in my head as I was kneeling down to have a better look.

Lo and Behold!

It was the first of the 7 hamlets popping out within a few hours. It was like she was never going to stop! I thought there was only three and the Bride thought it was only four. Mommy Roxy decided to add both our guesses and have 7 hamlets instead!

She is doing fine now. Recovering and drinking lots of water. It’s amazing how her motherly instinct kicked in naturally as I saw her cleaning up the baby thoroughly from day one until today. As of this afternoon, one of the pink baby hammies is now very quite dark. I think it’s growing some dark colour hair. None of them have opened their eyes just yet. They are soooo pinky cute!

As you can read from the Bride’s post, I was supposed to give the whole family away now that the Bride is with DOT but I manage to find a secured and near place to have Pitong and the gang without harming the Bride and DOT. I made a nice roof and modified some stuff so now they are all outside but comfortably protected from rain, heat and preys!

So Pitong is now Papa Pitong!

Cayalah bro! Masa lu datang, kita sama. Lepas sebulan, kita sama.

Sekarang lu leading gua 7-DOT!

Blog adjourned!

-Mommy Roxy and her 7 Dwarves-

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lud said...

wah....cute lil hams..hehehe

missy_a_n said...

I'm glad that you're able to keep the hamsters! hehehe

Congratulations on the new edition!