Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tongue Control

I was supposed to do some work. Certain events got me too disturbed to do any. Today I realize that I am gradually beginning to learn how to think before saying anything. Eventually, I thought too much and didn’t say anything.

Which is a good thing. It is harder to take back words than to not say it. Just pray and hope that you get the opportunity to say it some other time. As I have mentioned before, sarcasm is a sweet thing but the consequence may be too much to handle.

The agony of swallowing the words is sooo hard in the beginning. It gets to your head if you are not use to such containment. Sakit hati sampai kepala biyol.
It is not easy to be quite when you are excited / angry to say something. It is an area I am beginning to learn how to master albeit some slight hiccups. The result? A normal environment that is not hurt with what you wanted to say.
I guess the hadith on not saying anything but good stuff is apt to be explained a little here. The hadith goes like this:

“… Fal Yakullu Khairan, Au Yasmudh”

Literally it means, if you have nothing better to say, than shut up!

Yasmudh is a harsh way to say shut up. If it was yaskut, then it means be quiet. I have nothing better to write for now. So I'm shutting up!

Blog adjourned!

6 obiter dictum:

Anonymous said...

only say the good thing or otherwise shut up, a methodology that is most appropriate i must say. However, how is it that one can determine what is good and what is not. A good matter may be supposedly relevant to the satu pihak but may not so be for pihak yang satu lagi. Then how do u seperate the thin lines because being simply 'good' is theoretical in nature... tiada yang mutlak

Adakalanya kepahitan itu harus ditelan demi kebenaran..

two_one said...

Dear Anon: You seem to be confused with "good" and "truth". Ada beza antara "baik" dan "kebenaran".

Quran sebut, katakan yang benar walaupun ke atas diri kamu sendiri. Therefore, in my opinion, "Good" is theoretical in nature and it depends on one's intellectual capability. Kalau dia pandai, bijaklah dia tentukan apa yang baik...

Kepahitan pula, MESTI ditelan demi kebenaran SETIAP MASA... bukan adakalanya...

Anonymous said...

Bukankah yang benar itu baik dan yang baik itu adalah kebenaran two_one. Sekalipun hanya berbeda dari garis perkataan tetapi maksud keduanya terletak pada paksi yang sama. Waima mana paksi letaknya maksud dan maudu' baik dan benar ia tetap merungkai garis2 halus.
Persoalannya siapakah yang berhak meletakkan apakah yang baik dan benar?
Benar bagi Jebat memberontak akan ketidakadilan Sultan tetapi benar bagi Tuah menikam Jebat atas kemurkaannya kepada Sultan. Hatta Tuah berkata " siapakah yang benar, aku kah benar atau jebatkah yang benar"

2:26. Allah tidak malu membuat persamaan, walaupun dengan seekor agas, atau apa yang lebih rendah. Bagi orang-orang yang percaya, mereka mengetahui bahawa itu adalah yang benar daripada Pemelihara mereka; tetapi bagi orang-orang yang tidak percaya, mereka berkata, "Apakah yang Allah mengkehendaki dengan ini sebagai satu persamaan?" Dengannya Dia menyesatkan ramai, dan dengannya Dia memberi petunjuk kepada ramai, dan dengannya Dia tidak menyesatkan kecuali orang-orang fasiq (tidak mempedulikan perintah Tuhan),

Aidahs said...

Hey Adam.. Have u seen Ustazah Siti Fatimah anytime after sekolah dulu? ok anyway.. the other day.. she called mak aku.. and i spoke to her and blablabla.. and i told her about u.. and she so PROUD that u are a Tuan now ok.. she send her regards.

PS: Tongue control in bed ajerk.. muehehhee

two_one said...

Aidahs: can you email her number to me? I really would like to see her again! She played a HUGE part in mencungkil any bakat that I have...

oh... i thought kalau in bed, tongue jadi out of control?? hehehe

Aidahs said...

ok. got her permission oredi. kindly provide email address so that i could do the needful.. ;p