Thursday, May 14, 2009


Smart is a very versatile word. It can be used to describe many things.

A person who dresses up nicely can be called smart.

A person who is intelligent can also be called smart.

A really funny comedian must be smart in order to think of such lawak nak mampos jokes or one liners. Ali G and the author of this blog can be regarded as smart as well.

Smart or Semat, (the Malay way of saying it) can also be part of someone’s first / last name.

Mr. John Smart (Last name)

Mr. Semat Moe (First name)

Semat can also be a female’s name.

Ms. Semat Nedzhatin Redzhab
Seriously, I did not make up the names or took random stranger's pictures. Google up the images of these names and you'll see that it's true!

Tan Sri P. Ramlee uses semat to open the Ali Baba’s cave door when he sang:
Nyatnyinsooong, mata kajiiiii, SEMATnye nyinseng”… or something like that…

Add the letters “i, e and s” at the end of smart and you get a really nice candy that most kids (and even adults) love…

Nyam Nyam!!

Forget to wear a bra and the UK tabloid label you as a "smarties smuggler"…

Versatile? You can bet your smarties on this one!

Blog adjourned!

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