Monday, September 14, 2009

Father’s Hood

As I was staring at my daughter sleeping after her bonding session with her “breast” friend, I wondered how I was going to fare as a father. There is no one that I can compare myself to just yet as I am only an amateur compared to my father and my father-in-law’s colourful experience.

This made me wonder about fatherhood. I then noticed that now, most of the time I realized that my parent’s action was right when they were disciplining me and making me become a decent human being back when I was much younger. But boy did those right decision bitter to swallow back then. I am just glad that I manage to realize this before I have a child who thinks that I was wrong in disciplining her.

Unfortunately for me (and all other fathers) this little girl certainly did not arrive with a manual guide. Thank God we are staying with my parents and my in-laws’ house is just about 4.5 minutes away. They have been very supportive and constantly provide valuable tips in caring for the little one.

With no systematic course, my fatherhood journey will have to be taken one step at a time. Recalling what my father did or assuming what a father should do would be the modus operandi for the time being. The Hood is there... Let's see if i can fit it on my head comfortably.

As I read somewhere, being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you still have to do it again tomorrow.

I guess if you enjoy it, it would not be too heavy a responsibility to fulfill.

Would my daughter be lucky to have me as her father or will I be lucky to have her as my daughter? For all I know, we are both lucky enough to have the Bride as my best friend and her “breast” friend!

This year, all of the little one’s baju are new and so we do not need to buy a baju raya. But Habib, Jidah, Wan and Tok Papa, Ami’s, Amati’s, Tia, Uncles and Aunties, Grand Uncles and Grand Aunties, beware. THIS LITTLE ONE HAS HER FATHER AS HER PROXY TO HER DUIT RAYA! Hehehe.

(As I am writing this, my little girl just completed milking her mom and as the Bride was trying to burp her, she suddenly gave about five sad cries possibly due to some bad dream… now I have to go change her diapers… Yay!)

Blog adjourned.

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