Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sex Education Anyone?

I am supposed to prepare a draft answer for one of my six subjects as part of my group responsibility today. Then I read this newspaper report in theStar. The last paragraph reminded me of some research that I did for my Hijrah Remaja 2 program some four years ago. I guess I’ll just blog about it now, get it out of my brain and then focus on my past year project. (Haha, denial! Dah malas tapi tamau mengaku!)

The last paragraph which caught my attention is this:

A parent known only as Mohammad, 44, told the daily that he and his two wives gave their seven children sex education when they reached the age of four.

(Well, actually, it was the title of the report that caught my initial attention.)

I don’t know about you but reading the last paragraph on its face value would make people assume that that the above Muhammad dude is a pervert. He has two wives and teaches his seven kids sex education when they reach four. Come on! How can you teach a four year old child about sex!!!

See how media manipulates news to suit their own accord?

Let me try to clarify what that last paragraph failed to explained. The last paragraph is about sex education for young children.

It is quite clear from the report that the above Muhammad dude is a Muslim. He has a Muslim name and has two wives.

Now, sex education in Islam is not something that only involves sexual intercourse. It covers human relation in total be it in its spiritual approach, business, man to man relation etc.

Islam encourages us to give sex education to our children from young but it must be within their intellectual capability. The best way to teach a young kid about sex education is to teach them how to pray. Praying would allow the child to understand the separation between male and female.

It begins with the taking of ablution. Once you have your ablution, a child should be taught about his / her mahram. Who can he touch that would not nullify his ablution. Can he touch his sister? His mother? His maid? (assuming that this family is from the Shafie Mazhab).

In Islam, it is encouraged to “pray together” (as how the Bride says it, or technically known as praying in congregation). Praying in congregration would teach the child where to be in the saf. The male would be at front and the female would be behind. Separation between the male and the female is sex education.

Take a look at the clothes you wear for prayers. The male must cover from their knee to navel whilst the female would have to cover everything except their face and palms. This is part of modesty and modesty is also sex education.

Islam also teaches us to separate our son and daughter from sleeping together when they reach the age of 7. This is also sex education.

I am just highlighting some of the basic sex education in Islam.

So it’s not fair to just say that the above Muhammad dude teaches his children sex education when they reach the age of four without explaining how he does it.

Sex education covers a wide area however the term sex education is always narrowed down to sexual intercourse.

Anyhow, I’ll end this post with this story that I heard from someone at the airport.

A requested the help of a stewardess to fill in his form. He did not understand why there was M / F under the sex column.

Why is there M / F here? I do it 3 times a week.

No sir, it not how many times you do it. It is meant for either Male or Female?

Oh… please tick both Male and Female for me.


Blog adjourned.

2 obiter dictum:

nurul cakapcakap said...

adam, ini mungkin out of topic.Just want to know your opinion about constitutional conventions. adakah ia relevan sebab malaysia kan written constitution? mcm mana tu? sedikit blur.

two_one said...

mana u dengar constitutional conventions? Its meant untuk draft constitution first time or to amend constitutions. I'm not sure about its applicability in Malaysia though. :)
And yes. sungguh tak releven dengan post ni. haha.