Monday, May 17, 2010

INCEIF FC's First Game At Rentap Futsal Midnight Putrajaya

Saturday nights would normally be my Futsal night. After ensuring that my girls are tucked in safely and sleeping soundly, I’d make my way to play futsal with my friends.

However, last night was a bit different.

A friend of mine from INCEIF managed to convince INCEIF to sponsor a team to join the Rentap Futsal Midnight Putrajaya. The event was only open to locals so he had a tough time looking for local players from the CIFP program.

After securing eight players, we had two trainings before the big tournament. On the second day of training, one of our players tore his muscle (am not sure how bad it was) so he had to be out. Another just couldn’t make it for both training and tournament. We had no goaly. After asking around the staff of INCEIF, we still couldn’t get a goally. So eventually the manager “imported” his friend to play for us.

So instead of the normal 2-3 hours of fun futsal, I was up for the Rentap Futsal Midnight Putrajaya (you can read more about it here). The grand prize was supposed to be RM20,000 and a trip to Genting! Or so I was told by the Manager.

I was not there for winning the whole thing. It was more like a fun thing to do with your Uni mates. Tapi kalau dapat duit banyak camtuh saper tak nak kan??? 

Plus we were fully sponsored by INCEIF. Marketing strategy? You bet! We had huge INCEIF, The Global University In Islamic Finance written in front of our jersey. The best part is that we also had our names written on the back of the jersey with random numbers. I got # 7. Gila Christiano Ronaldo OK! Tapi main defence! Hahaha.
Posing skit!
Senang untuk referee kalau foul ada nama and number nak tulis. Haha.

Well, considering that we were a new team, we managed to beat UNITAR in our first match 1-0.

UNITAR! What a coincidence kan? You see my dad was previously in UNITAR and now he is in INCEIF. My brother had his Masters from UNITAR and I’m taking my CIFP @ INCEIF. Whatever it is, INCEIF berjaya kalahkan UNITAR 1-0!
INCEIF FC in action!

We were to play only 2 group games. The champion will go to the knock out stage.

The first game was played around 12.20am. The second game was played around 2 something! Lama gila tunggu! Ada yang bawa roti, margerin and tuna so semua dapat isi perut.

At 1am I was so sleepy that I took my sweater and dozed off, in the midst of a few hundred people cheering for their teams, for about 40 minutes. Kalau dah ngantuk tu, letak kat mana-mana pun aku tido, even dalam class!!! Hahaha.

Unfortunately we got beaten up 3-0 for the second game by some red jersey team. I told my cousin:

"Team kami Power… Team opponent pun Power. Cuma team opponent ada tambah Root kat belakang. Bila combine, Power Root lah menang!"
(Alasan bila dah kalah!)

I’m sad that we didn’t get the RM20,000 and Genting Trip (chewah! Ada hati!)

Then again, I am also glad that we didn’t have to wait for another few hours for a 10 minute match at the knock out stage. Lagi penat menunggu dari main.Apparently, the semi-finals and final would be played at 2pm on Sunday. Gila panas! Gelap kulit I yang sensitive ni. Haha.

All in all, it was a good tournament. Respect to the organizers for making the night game. Takdela panas bila kena menunggu 2-3 jam.

The RM3.48 Million Putrajaya Futsal Complex is optimum for night games. Cooling.
(Ah sudah! tengok bulan pulak line belakang ni!)
Blog adjourned.

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