Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Comment

Confidentiality is one of the fundamental rules that a lawyer needs to observe. Just like doctors, clients (or patients) come with their problems and hopes that it could be settled by their lawyers or (doctors). That is why lawyers and doctors do not work. They practice. Probably it is because you can never get the best solution to a very subjective profession like law and medicine and there is always room for improvement.
Being in The Service also requires one to shut up and not comment to the public on what your colleagues in other departments or agency have decided to implement or work on. It does not mean that you have to agree with what they are up to; it is just being neutral to the public on your personal point of view to it.
I guess it goes to any organization as well. If your company has decided to take a stand on some issues, being the arms and legs (kakitangan???) of the company requires you to also adopt that stand. If you have some issues to it, you should first discuss it with your company.
The body can never function if the arm decides to go against the wants of the brain.
That arm should also not bad mouth the brain to others.
Most of the time it boils back to the concept of confidentiality.
This concept of confidentiality includes comments on Facebook, blogs and other internet windows as well.
Sometimes I know it is tough to maintain the proper conduct especially with regards to confidentiality. At the moment, I’m having a tough time not to make butt jokes which I find really apt and funny to be shared with the world. But those Planet Uranus jokes will just have to be shared privately.
Poot poot.
Blog adjourned.

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Twiggy said...


Malicious Mind said...

true enough.. hahaha but at the same time rasa guilty cos i whine about my work in my blog :)

everytime i wanna look for something positive, your blog seems to have the answer!

two_one said...

Twiggy: haha.
M Mind:it's ok. ur blog is limited for private access, that's not public domain. :) hehe.