Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of Apam Balik And Reciprocating An Act Of Kindness

*This Mosque with the Kamar Musafir for those in need of a cheap place to stay*

Have you ever been to Ghufran Mosque during Ramadhan? You should give it a try. Complete with full air conditioned, the Imam there are really good. They do 8 rakaat of terawih at a reasonable pace and the mosque itself is very comfortable.
*Look at the size of the air conditioning system... No wonder some people come and pray wearing sweaters! hehe*
They have all sorts of extra stuff just for the special month of Ramdhan.
Knowing that a lot of people will be driving to the mosque, they have engaged young boys (and a few adults to supervise them) to take care of the traffic and car park. This is good as these kids at least contribute back to the society instead of just lepaking and not doing any good deeds. They are quite good as well. they really take their job seriously. Communicating via walkie talkies, they even work when it is raining with umbrellas and rain coats.
What I like most is that they provide apam balik for the buka puasa as well as the morey, or the snack time after prayers.
*Cafe Al-Ghufran, the makan venue*
I love apam balik. Even though the queuing system sometimes is very bad, (they should have made lots of extras during prayers so that people don't have to queu to get their apam balik... then again, maybe they have made the extras and those who did not pray witir prayers finished it off first... Oh well, I can never tell I suppose....) I would still stand there for a good ten minutes to get two of my favourite apam balik. Fresh and hot, I’d sit down and really enjoy my apam balik after Terawih prayers.
Speaking of hot apam balik, last three nights, as I was queuing for my hot apam balik, I ran out of the line to grab an empty plate. I noticed there was a “boy-behind-me” who did not have a plate. Knowing that the hot apam balik can actually burn your hands, I took an extra plate for him as well. As came back to the line, I gave him the extra plate. He smiled and thanked me for it.
Last night, I was again in my ten minutes queue for my apam balik. As I came closer to the apam balik, I thought about running to get an empty plate for myself again. Suddenly, before I could do so, the boy-behind-me popped out of nowhere with two plates. One was his plate as he had just eaten, and another was a clean extra plate. He gave the clean extra plate to me and smiled. I guess he was eating when he saw me queuing and decided to reciprocate my kind gesture.
I thanked him and smiled back at him.
Masha Allah…
That actually made me smile the whole night.
It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness can bring so much warmth and brotherhood love into you.
“Oh Allah, I pray that you reward the boy-behind-me for his effort in reciprocating a simple act of kindness. Please grant him a superb memory to remember and to do more good and grant him great success in this life and the Here After.”
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