Friday, October 8, 2010

Effective Communication

As long as we are living in this world, the need to communicate is certainly crucial. Effective communication is even more important.
With the advance of technology, it is so much easier to communicate these days. A simple text message could ensure a two way communication even when one is in a meeting with some other group of people.
Since there are so many ways to communicate, communication can now be done in various interesting methods.
The best way to know how one is currently feeling is to check their Facebook status or Twitter! 
If your friend do not update their Facebook or Twitter, then that’s just too bad for you. I find Facebook as one of the best way to communicate ever since Friendster and Myspace became sort of obsolete.
Blogs are a good way to communicate too.
Even a random “hello” message to a complete stranger is not considered as trespassing one’s own personal space. The Bride told me how Facebook reconnected her with her long lost pen pal. (Actually, when she told me that her pen pal found her through Facebook, I thought to myself… “gile nerdy minah ni tulis-tulis surat kat random stangers in Italy!” hehehe)
Although sometimes, you may assume that a particular post is about you but that may not be true at all. Human lives are lived through different stories. Some may be entangled with yours whilst some may appear to show similar plots but the castings have nothing to do with us.
Sometimes, you know that a particular “ambiguous” status or post is directed to you as your friend purposely did not tag you to it to avoid some embarrassing and awkward moments in your relationship. My advice is to read it, take note of it and do something positive about it. Maybe you are at fault and your friend was just expressing his point of view. You could then try to change for the better.
Be professional. Don’t be emotional. You cannot control how people act but you can certainly control how you react to things happening before you.
Then again, if what your friend said is utterly rubbish, tembakla dia balik!
Blog adjourned.

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Zaznuriah said...

sila ajar cara nak tembak balik, please? haha.

two_one said...

Ambik pistol, aim, tarik trigger... hahaha!