Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Dearest Friend: J

This is a post for my good friend, Wan Ahmad Fadzil.
He was also known as “J”.
I can’t remember if it was Shukri Osman who introduced me to J or was it J who introduced me to Shukri, but I am sure that it was Shukri who confirmed the sad news to me this morning as I was having my breakfast.
My dear J is no longer with us. He met with a car accident last night and after being in a short coma, J is now back with Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, leaving behind a loving wife and two children. May Allah grant them patience to endeavor this test.
I met J back when I was in UIA. He was one of the most jovial dude I have ever met. Every single time we meet, be it at any corridor, or pathway, or canteen or even shopping mall, J and I would be jumping around holding each other’s arms and laugh laugh laugh.
It’s just J. He makes you laugh and smile every time you see him.
The Bride remembers him vividly. She and I met J when we were at KLCC some years back. He was in charge of registering people to vote for election. He managed to convince the Bride to register. I’m glad he did. That gave us some time to catch up on things, jump around and laugh as we usually would do when we meet.
The last time I met him was in Putrajaya about two years ago. I saw him in front one of the many buildings there as he was about to leave. Again, we laughed and laughed and laughed. He was always so happy and cheerful that he brings smiles to people who knew him.
He told me that he was posted in Pakistan and he was very much worried that something terrible might happen to him there. I brushed away his fear by saying that he was just being too fearful for no apparent reason.
This morning another friend of mind told me that J had also informed him that he was afraid something terrible might happen to him in Pakistan.
J’s fear was proven to be all baseless as his departure was right here in his own hometown somewhere in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.
This reminded me of a story I read regarding death. It is a story at the time of Prophet Sulaiman (or Solomon) A.S.
Once the Angel Death appeared in the form of a human being in the court of Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) and gazed continuously at one person for some time. That person asked Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.), "Who is that person (who is gazing at me)?" Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) told him that that was the Angel of Death. He remarked: “The Angel of Death had gazed at me in such a manner as if he had determined to take my life." Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) asked him, "What do you want?" He requested Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) to take him to India so he could be with his family. Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) then commanded some clouds to pick the man up and drop him in India. Consequently the cloud carried him to India. After a while, the Angel of Death came to Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) and Prophet Sulaiman (a.s.) asked the Angel of Death, "Why did you fix your gaze at that person?" The Angel of Death said, "I wondered that the All Mighty Allah had commanded me to take the life of that person in India whereas he was sitting here in your presence when his time was approaching."
(I posted this story here before.)
That is why it is said that the knowledge of the unseen lies only with Allah, The All Knower.
My spiritual teacher taught me that the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) would say this when he (saw) met with family members who had just lost someone:
'A'zama-Ilahu Ajraka wa Ahsana 'Azaa-ka wa Ghafara Li-Mayyitika
May Allah enhance your recompense and be generous in your calamity and forgive the deceased

And the one who had lost someone would reply:
“Al-Baqa’ Lillah”
“Immortality belongs only to Allah”
May Allah forgive him, have mercy on his soul, make him be amongst the successful and grant him Paradise.
May Allah forgive him and take good care of him.
Verily, Allah, The Most Merciful, is the only One who could save him from the torment of the Fire and grant him the sweetness of Jannah.
Insya Allah.
Blog adjourned.

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