Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perfect Timing

Back when I was 14, I remembered eying one Esprit watch at a watch shop that my family always goes to. We all call it our family watch shop. No, we don't have any share in the business but they give really good price to us. :) Somehow, I managed to persuade my parents to get that watch for me. If I’m not mistaken it was about RM250 or something. A really expensive watch for my standard. I had to mortgage my life to my parents and risk of not getting any other watch for the rest of my life as part of the bargain.
Well, that bargain was actually worth it I guess as the only time I was looking for another watch was when I was about to get married to the Bride. I was 25. This means I was using that Esprit watch for about 11 years! It’s still functioning well though probably the battery is dead… hmm, Now that I have mentioned it, I better go back and check that watch.
I’m not a fan of having too many watches. I get serabut to choose which one to wear if I had one too many.
So, as part of the hantaran, the Bride thought that it was about time to get me a new watch. I wanted something simple, stylish and with not too many functions. Time and date is good enough for me. After looking around, going from one shop to another, I could not find any watch that could make me want to leave my Esprit watch. Thank God the Bride was patient enough with my cerewetness. After looking high and low, I finally set my eyes on a blue Tag Heuer Aquaracer. It was love at first sight and I’m still loving it. So after going back to my trusted family watch shop, I managed to get a good bargain on that watch. I have been using it since 4.4.2008. (If you look at the picture at the heading of this blog, you could see my Aquaracer on my right hand.)
A few nights ago as I was chilling with my friends, a friend of mine who was about to get married was also looking for a Tag watch for his bride. I told him that I can help him get a good price at my family watch shop. I also told him that Tag is definitely a good brand and looks damn elegant. 
Orang muda punya jam laa bro… hehehe
I shared with him that I have been using mine for 3 years and surprisingly, the battery is still good. I remembered the salesgirl telling me that if my battery is weak, the second indicator would not be ticking every second but would move every five seconds. So far, my Tag has been ticking at every second diligently.
My friend wanted to know how much my family watch shop could offer. So yesterday after work, we went to that shop. The last time I checked my watch was at 5.10pm as I left office. As we arrived at the shop and started the usual chit chat, we enquired about the Tag that my friend wanted. Actually, that shop do not sell any Tag watches and she has to get from her dealer (for me back in 2008) and now for my friend… and at the same time, still give a bloody good discount J). My friend said he’s gonna look around and see other watches first. After all that has been settled, I asked the salesgirl:
Eh, how come my battery is still good after three years?
She told me about the 5 seconds indicator. Then we both looked at my watch.
Lo and behold!
The second indicator started to show that the battery is weak! It was still for 5 seconds before it moved. Then it remained still for another 5 seconds and so on…
I was super shocked!
Either this watch has a perfect timing for everything, or your shop has the ability to suck my watch’s battery’s life!
We both laughed and I got her to change the battery.
Then I said:
You remember always asking me to get an Oris and not Tag?
This is the reason why I chose Tag Heuer. 
Perfect timing for everything. 
Battery weak pun perfect timing.
Blog adjourned.

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Jane said...

hi adam. how much did u get the watch for if u dun mind me asking? coz were looking arnd for watch for hantaran jgak..

two_one said...

That shop gives about 23% of the retail price. If you want, i can take u there, intro u to the girl and then bila u decide nak beli, u can go on ur own. if u nak Tag, then go and look for the model number, belek2 and try first, then baru i bawa u to the shop coz they don't sell tag and they can just order. PM me on FB ur number and we can arrange to meet at the shop. upah dia is the two scoop icecream dekat swenson (just opposite) hehehe.

Anonymous said...

i pun sama macam you have been using the same ol guess watch that my dad bought for me when i was 15. now dah 10 tahunn dahh! :) batteri dier i baru penah tukar sekali jer. imagine that. :)

two_one said...

Anon: hehehe... very loyal of u... battery ni pun satu, kadang2, after 2-3 years, dia start to leak and may rosak the watch so i recommend u to go check the battery... takut kalau leaking and all the alkaline liquid masuk dalam the mechanincs of the watch nanti susah pulak... jam kita ni dah vintage... takda di pasaran (nilai pun sama takda harapkan sentiMENTAL value aje...hehehe)