Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Contagious Smile

Something really funny happened yesterday. I completed my matters about 1 pm. I messaged my colleague inviting her for lunch. Apparently she still had two matters to attend to. I happily trotted to her court room and sat at the public gallery.

There I was, sitting behind two accused that were being charged for some crime. Each one of them were charged for a separate crime, so when one was standing, the other was sitting. There was no one else with me at the public gallery and everyone else in there was quite engrossed with their own matter.

I began to make some funny faces to my colleague. She saw me slouching and yawning and making some funny faces and she couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. She let out a small smile and it grew to a very wide grin.

SUDDENLY… one of the accused person thought she was smiling at him and began smiling back at her holding his hands together on one side of his thigh, tilting his head to the other side!!! I was so shocked that I nearly laughed out loud (LOL haha)!!! My colleague up there was so red that I thought she might explode any minute. Then the accused sitting next to the “perasan” accused turn behind and saw my shocked face. He then nudged the “perasan” accused to stop acting the way he was acting.

OH MY GOD!!! What a drama!!! You see how contagious a smile can be??

Oh well, blog adjourned!!!

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