Monday, June 9, 2008

Hijrah Remaja 2: My Personal Legacy…(Part One)

I have been asked many times if I was the host for Hijrah Remaja (currently aired on Astro Oasis). Most of the time, I would answer just smile and nod. Sometimes, I would say that the host was my twin brother.

The story behind the show was an experience that I can never forget. It left a very strong mark towards my personality.

It was back in 2004 when I received a phone call by some girl who asked if I would want to be a member in a youth talk show called Hijrah Remaja. At that time, I was a second year student in AIKOL (Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws) at the International Islamic University Malaysia. I was given many topics, mostly related to religion and society. Being lured by her promise that the issues to be discussed were not difficult and I was going to be paid some cash per episode, I agreed instantly. I was a student and any form of independent cash was always welcomed. J

The host for the first Hijrah Remaja season was Farihin and Wardina Safiah. I did four episodes. I can only remember three topics. They were Drugs, Bully and Young Pilgrimage to Mekah.

After the recording for one of the episodes, I was approach by a man who introduced himself as the producer for Hijrah Remaja. He shall now be known as “the Boss”. The Boss said he saw the recording that I just did and he wants to know if I’d like to join him for some other projects. He asked me to give him a call and to visit him at his office someday.

Some months after that, I gave the Boss a friendly ring and a meeting was set in his office. It was one really really long meeting. A tiring one too. You see, I have never heard of his company before. It wasn’t because it was a small time company. Contrary to that, it was quite a big company. The man I met was M. Nasir’s manager! I just didn’t know that the company exists. Since I didn’t know about the company, I was trying very hard to dig up as much as I can about the company. At the same time, the Boss was also trying to learn as much as he can about his new guy. He told me, after about half an hour through the meeting that he wants to make a second season of Hijrah Remaja and this time he wants some youth to be the host. I got the hint that he wanted me to be the next host but he was not sure 100% just yet.

My nose began to kembang kecut at the thought of becoming the next host. Who would’ve thought that after just four episodes as a normal youth member in Hijrah Remaja, I would become the next host? I guess I was just bloody lucky to be at the right place (to be part of the first season) and at the right time (to be making the recording when the Boss was there to personally spot my talent).

I’ll leave it here for now.

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