Monday, August 4, 2008

Care to use mine?

Whenever I go up on the Bench, I would wear my glasses. I don't have much power on it but it helps me have a more powerful stare when I am up there. It also makes me look more serious... Hahaha... Actually, it helps to make me look slightly older. (I always get stopped for my ID when I go to above 18 places or even when I wanted to buy ciggies last time.)

Today, I had a full day trial. Manage to complete 3 witnesses in two sittings. One before lunch and two in the afternoon. during the Cross Examination for the 3rd witness, the defence counsel requested for some time as he read through the police report. He said that the writings were a bit small and he couldn't see properly.

That was when I took off mine and asked him, "care to use mine?"

The three police officers in my court wanted to laugh so badly that all three had their hands at their mouth with red faces. (If I am not mistaken, only one was on duty and the other two were doing some paperwork).

I smiled and put my glasses back on and waited for the defence counsel to count the paragraph he wanted to refer to. He himself was trying to look serious and not smile (but I could see him smiling). I bit my tongue not to ask, "Why So Serious???"

Thank God I managed to keep my big mouth shut... The last time I heard someone say that, he was hung upside down by Mr. Batman...

(Excellent Movie by the way!!! I just don't understand why it is labelled as General Viewing... If the Joker's character can be loved and adored by adults, what guarantee do we have that underaged kids would not want to imitate the Joker and slash the mouth of another??)

Blog adjourned!!!

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Twiggy said... heheh..

Unknown said...

No matter how much you might believe its like “The Practice” or (even more bizarrely) Ally McBeal, the legal world is nothing like that portrayed in Hollywood. Most litigating lawyers spend their days writing letters to their opponents threatening them with some well thought out sarcasm, or if they are lucky, paginating the judge’s papers.

2003, I rest my case :)
Anyway, keep on writing as I enjoy yours and it kinda make me missing my ol' law days...

two_one said...

Twiggy: because.. it's not... funny... hahaha

Marissa: I'm glad you like the blog. Courtroom battle is definitely boring if you're not the interested party. But sometimes, ada je drama... best pulak tuh... hehehe

Anonymous said...

banyaknya cerita macam puji diri sendiri ye..

V|vac|ous said...

I am so glad that they are Conscious people who take their jobs seriously ! carry on and always be teliti with this. doesnt mean that if u r only just the toll booth you have to do a lesser job. u have good work ethics one that seems to be missing amongst many malaysians who serve the govt.

hope the bride told u what i told her !

hope to meet u guys soon. i hope u r as ceria as u r in your blogs.

two_one said...

Anon: refer to my reply at the other post, :)
V: Thanks... appreciate your "observation" and would try not to disappoint you.. hehehe