Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comedy Court

Another funny incident today….

A Chinese man was summoned to court for a traffic offence. When he came up to have the charge read, my Chinese interpreter started to read the charges to him in Mandarin. It sounded something like this:

“Ching chong ching chong tze tzi tzu tzu”

This went on for about a minute. I saw my Road Transport Department prosecuting officer began to smile seeing my interpreter explaining the charges to the Chinese man. He didn’t seem to understand in the beginning but later on he started to nod. As is said earlier, this went on for about a minute or so.

Then, my interpreter turned to me and said, “He pleads guilty”. I knew what happened but I started to laugh on the bench. I asked her, “it must be really hard to speak Mandarin. You went ching chong with him for nearly a minute and the translation was only ‘he pleads guilty’???”

That had the whole court laughing.

Haih... blog adjourned...

4 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

ching chong ching chong wo ker ai mei mei

V|vac|ous said...

nt bad ah u can lawak lawak also ! twigs and i shd pay u a visit 2 c u in action.. also kan i noticed b4 this is always comment on the wrong post sebab your comments is above where your post title is.

two_one said...

Twigs: how wa how wa...

V: must have lawak2.. baru fun.

: I placed the comments above the post to show that i respect people's view more than my own view...hehehe (yeah right.. actually i don't know how to change the interface... hahaha)

V|vac|ous said...

wow at first i was like this guy memang adil but after reading last line tergelak !!! ask your expert Raje pls she is the blog know it how !i know nothing much abt blogging the only blog i have is the kongsi gelap one w the tigers. am glad u respond to comments i dont like to read or comment wehre the writer tak comment back.