Friday, August 29, 2008

False Alarm

Yesterday, the fire alarm went off (or went on??). I was just about to get up on Bench when I heard it. I paused, looked around and asked my staff if it was for real. They were not sure. I then decided to have some fun.

I “ushered” everyone out of the Court. I was screaming “API API SEMUA KELUAR SEKARANG!!! (FIRE FIRE EVERYBODY OUT NOW!!!!)” I was grinning and screaming at the same time. I went to see my lock up because I had one accused in remand. Luckily he was already on his way back to prison.

I then went to check with my colleague next door. His story was much more interesting. He is a committee member for the safety division. He was on the bench when he heard the alarm. He asked his interpreter if it was the fire alarm. Upon confirmation from his interpreter, he jumped and yelled, “Court Stand Down! Everybody Out!” He rushed down and saw me. Together, we went around asking everyone to vacate the building.

Rupa-rupanya it was just a hoax. Either someone vandalized the damn thing or the FireMAn accidentally tripped the trigger during inspection. I think it is the latter. So I went to the gathering place and congratulated everyone for still being alive and informed them it was a fire drill and the Court would resume in 10 minutes.

What a day!!

Blog adjourned.

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