Monday, September 29, 2008

An Act of Random Kindness.

The bride got back from grocery shopping with a kitten. Yes! You read it right, a kitten. (aih? I sound like the Bride when she writes in her blog pulak!) Apparently, she saw the little “Curveball” (that’s what we call it now) somewhere at The Curve, all curved up into a ball, shivering and starving to death. She picked him (we’ve checked his gender but we might be wrong hehe) and brought him home.
CURVEBALL dengan pose mata sepet sebelah

(bukan senang nak ajar dia buat trick ni)

Curveball is now looking even healthier than when he was first rescued.

As I was squatting whilst waiting for him to finish his food, I realized how much love it needed for someone to randomly pick a kitten, bring it home, shelter it, feed it and to give it some love and strength.

The plan is to let him go around the house when he is strong enough. You should see how he enjoys the kitten food she bought for him. Rasa tenang jiwa tengok si kentut tu makan bersemangat.

Pinggan lagi besar pada dia...

Curveball tengah semangat makan

May God bless her for such noble act. How many have passed by feeling pity for Curveball but not do anything. I know I’d be one of those culprit. But not the Bride. It’s because she is a Planeteer!!! Gooo Captain Planet!

Blog adjourned.

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