Thursday, October 9, 2008


It appears that many of my fellow readers have misinterpreted my statement in one of my previous post. A good friend / colleague was discussing some legal issues (I know, legal practitioners can never get enough of the law) when she told me that she would like to bermaafan because she is one of the "illegal" readers of my blog.

I was shocked!

How can anyone be an illegal reader if I purposely make this blog accessible to public?

Apparently, she had mistaken my statement here at the last paragraph. What I meant with the term “illegal” readers are those of you with no legal background. If you have a legal background, you’re a legal reader. If you don’t have a legal background, you’re an illegal reader. Get it? Legal as opposed to illegal?

(I feel like a lame comedian having to explain his jokes to his audience and they still don’t understand it.)

Actually, there is a behind the scene story attached to it. It happened early this year when The Bride was still The Fiancée. We were walking in MPH when I spotted my superb debate mentor, Prof Arif. He is from Pakistan. His mind is as sharp as Luke Skywalker’s blue light saber.

I happily introduced The Fiancée to him. I told him that she is an investment educator. She does not have a legal background so she is an “illegal”. He smiled and quickly replied:

“Since you are not an educator, you must be uneducated. You will need her to educate you!”

OUCH! A bloody good reply that got me intellectually stunned completely. Power betul cikgu debate aku ni… The Fiancée was smilling with the "IN YOUR FACE!" smirk on her face.

So there you go. That was how the term “illegal” reader came into place. Let it be known to the whole internet community that everyone is definitely welcomed to read this blog. Heck, everyone is invited to leave comments and share their views. No need to feel shy or embarrassed. Leave an anonymous message if you wish to remain unidentified.

It’s your thoughts that count!

Blog adjourned!

2 obiter dictum:

odah. said...

i'm assuming it was me who misinterpreted your previous post? hahaha..

any how, in defence of my little 'boo boo', apparently in cyber law, hyperlinking can be considered a infringement to copyright. so that's why i was alarmed when you used the word 'illegal' hahah..

tak nak weh kena saman..i'm still young for court appearance. hahah

but then again, if it's not me you are referring to, then *fuuuhh!* selamat akuu.. hahaha

two_one said...

Odah: nobody is accusing anybody here... hehehe.. takda saman saper-saperlah..