Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diamonds of Wisdom

I met a very close spiritual adviser of mine the other day. We talked about envy (hasad dengki), a very popular sickness among us from time immemorial. The Prophet himself is being condemned 1400 years after his demise.

He said when you get something that is rightfully yours, (such as a promotion without lobbying or begging and because you name was recommended), you should not allow fitnahs to masuk telinga kanan and keluar telinga kiri. You should prevent it from even entering your telinga kanan.

“Kalau awak diamond yang kena baling dalam longkang, kalau di cuci masih berharga. Tapi kalau awak hanya kaca, disalut emas pun tiada nilai untuk dipajak gadai!”

Do your job sincerely and “jangan peduli puji dan keji”. Duties must be completed for the sake of Allah. No need for hanky panky. Whatever that God gives you is enough.

Remember Him and He will remember you. If you come to Him walking, He will go you running. Verily He is the best protector against hasad and dengki. Invoke His remembrance by remembering Him.

He also mentioned this and I’m posting it here to share it with you all:

“Bengkang – bengkok is a beauty,
Doing things straight, is a duty!”

I feel the need to write more about this soon… But now I need to prepare for one of my bestmagistratebuddy’s wedding!!! Woot woot!!

Blog adjourned.

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nurul cakapcakap said...

tlh bagi sdikit pengetahuan yg agak berguna dan untuk di ingat2 slalu.