Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Bond Factor

Have you seen the new James Bond movie? I have. TWICE! Hahaha.
Somehow, I think the movie sticks to your head. From the time I was driving back after the movie until now, I occasionally get the “dung du du dung dee dum dee dung du du dung” *the Bond contagious theme* looping continuously.

It gets to me sometimes. I’d walk like I’m some sort of a spy on a mission as I slide downstairs in stealth to grab an apple in the fridge.

It’s even worse in the office. Constantly wearing a suit does not help.

Did you notice the pouting habit of Bond? I think it makes people think that one is more focused.

Itu James Bond baru memang ada style. Bertenggong tepi batu pun nampak macho…

The Bride did something to her hair a few weeks ago and I think that the Bond movie has got into her as well (although I am DAMN sure she would not agree with me! HAHAHA!)

To The Bride: Apa-apapun, you will always be my Olga! :)

Blog Adjourned!

2 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

WHAATT??!! in my defense, i cut my hair BEFORE we watched the movie!! :P

two_one said...

Twiggs: Eleh, mesti dah tengok trailer dia sebelum tu, hehehe...