Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Naughty Boy...

Here is a common situation. We all know that stealing a motorcycle is an illegal act right? Now, say a 15 year old boy was caught by the police, red handed, stealing a motorcycle. He is then brought to the police station. He must be produced before a Magistrate for a remand order, if the police could not complete investigation within 24 hours. Most of the time, the police would not be able to complete investigation. They’re the most common reason that they would give me back when I was a Magistrate was that they need to gather further evidence (even though the boy was caught red handed!).

So this means that the boy will be in jail before the expiration of 24 hours and would continue to be in jail for usually another 1-4 days depending on the number of days the Magistrate decides to give.

This is the criminal procedure practiced in Malaysia. Ask any lawyer and he should be able to tell you this. If he can’t, tell him it’s elementary and ask him to refer to section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The procedure should be the same for any crime committed by the 15 year old. *Any crime*.

When I was younger, I would play football at the field behind my house. My football mates were all Chinese save for a few. I would play with them until it was around 7-7.15 pm. They would continue until it was really dark. I had to rush back home before Maghrib prayers. This is because, my dad had a strict house rule that everyone must be home and ready for Maghrib prayers together. I was late a few times. Or to be more accurate, I was early a few times. (Sometimes you miss the time when you are lost in the football excitement) That was when I could feel and see some red lines caused by the whipping sound of a belt or a cane or a hanger or anything that could be reached and suitable to be used. Mom once used a remote control… everything was bluury after the tight *SMACK*…

Could I tell my dad not to discipline me when all I did was to get back home slightly later than his house rules timing? It’s not even a crime!

My dad would have told me not to whine if I am disciplined for something which I brought on to myself. I knew I would be in trouble if I got back late. The fact that I got back late meant that I would be in trouble. Would it be wrong for my dad to discipline me when I took no precautionary to be early for Maghrib? Could my brother or sister say, “For God’s sake Father! What is in your mind for hitting such an adorable child who just got back home slightly later than what was expected….” Although I’m quite sure my brother would have the same lines and fate if he had the nerve to say that.

Apparently, there are people who would have the nerve to say that... I read it somewhere. However, in considering that when he said such stuff he was under immense preassure, i'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was too tired and stressed to gather the right words at that point of time...

I guess, sometimes when we are emotional, even the basic common sense doesn’t seem to make any sense… And it will lead us to give funny statements to reporters.

I’d better go catch some sleep now.

Blog adjourned.

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