Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back To School (Again?)

If all goes well, I might be taking sabbatical leave to continue my studies at INCEIF. INCEIF or International Centre for Islamic Studies and Finance, offers this course called Chartered Islamic Finance Profesional (CIFP).

CIFP is a certificate which is an equivalent to a master's degree and would be useful in my career especially when Malaysia is booming to be an international hub for Islamic finance.

It will be a 1.5 years course with 1 academic year and another 6 months of internship. The best part if I could take the course now is that I could return to be a Senior Assistant Registrar at the KL High Court under the Islamic Finance Specialized Court to complete my internship. In other words, I'll just be doing 1 academic year at INCEIF and come back to work for my internship.

Again, this depends on whether the Big Boss would allow me to leave after a very short stint with him. If this plan materializes, it would mean that I will be changing the stuff that I do 5 times in 4 years. Hehehe.

My best friend is currently taking this course along with my cousin and they seem to be enjoying it.

So I guess it would be easier when I already have 2 very close friend and relative to refer to if i manage to get a place there. Not to forget that my dad is also the dean there and he is the one who is really supporting the idea of me taking this certificate.
So hopefully everything will go according to plan and I could start my course this January...Insya Allah. This also means that my daughter's daddy is back to being a student again!

So, here's to a different 2010! Please pray for me!
I guess the colours from the crayon dripped to the words in my blog... hehe

Blog adjourned.

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Twiggy said...

your most colourful post! :D

Azmi said...


You should take the course you know.
I'm currently planning to take up a COSEC licence... part time je la...

With a professional degree and blajar Company 2 kali ngan Ahlam aku rasa aku boleh dapat lesen tu.

Aku start Jan ni kat SSM sebelah rumah aku je...kat the Mall..hahahah..

6 months of seminar than an exam/interview... Insya Allah aku dapat lesen COSEC :)

Mari kita sambung BLAJAR!!!!

Yusuf said...


Anonymous said...

muke ko pun baby face ape... selalu sesuai utk jadi student blk... hehehe... harap2 big boss setuju... amin...

two_one said...

Twiggy: Yes, my first rainbow post... :)
Dayak: Talibul 'ilm faridatu 'ala kulli Muslim... hehehe
Yusuf: Hang in there bro! Inysa Allah Insya Allah...
Grenlina: ini muka PMR... mesti INCEIF banyak tanya kalau nak amik Masters.. hahaha.. ek ehem.. tamau invite kita baca blog awak ke??

Anonymous said...

silala bace blog kite(nada menjemput ni yea)huhu...