Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hard(est) Work...

Last weekend, my mini family checked in a nice five star hotel for one night. It was the least I could do after having to leave them for the so many weekends. It was so much fun just lazing around in the room and devote your full attention to each other even if it was just for one night. We ordered room service, posed and took photos, sleep, had breakfast, and all the normal stuff but in a different environment.

It was my first holiday with my mini family and I enjoyed it!

Working in the government sector, particularly the Judiciary, is certainly not like any other government agency. That’s why when I heard someone saying that “Eleh, kerja kerajaan asyik kursus-kursus-kursus… kerja tak jalan” I just had to control my burning desire to punch him in his face and tell him to fu*k off. Nak kutuk boleh, tapi janganlah fitnah macam tu skali.

I think it is fair to say that some of the public service has improved, particularly the Judiciary.

Judges, officers from the judicial and legal service, supporting staffs and even lawyers (although they form part of the private service) have been working extremely hard for over the past one year. Matters which would usually take a few years to settle now can be disposed of within a few months. I heard that senior lawyers now have to send their juniors to attend court matters as they are tied up with cases. This allows the young lawyers to gain beneficial court experience instead of just doing research.

A month ago, one lawyer was reported to have said that he completed 8 full trials within a few months. His clients is happy to move on with their lives, the court is happy to clear of their backlog of cases and he is happy as he could close the file and collect his fees.

With all these positive changes, and plenty more to come, that’s why I get quite upset when there are some jokers who say that we, the Judiciary officers (and judges included) who are also government servants, just go for kursus and not do our work.

Heck I’m quite sure we work even harder than you!

Blog adjourned.

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