Monday, July 5, 2010

An Island Retreat In Between Assignments

*Mr. Star Fish going back into the sea*
Hello again people!
I’m supposed to start on my assignment now but the urge to do something else has gotten the better of me. It happens to most of us right? When you have to do something that tops your priority, other less important issues seems too tempting and will attract your focus and attention.
Which will lead to the procrastination of the more important task and ultimately, we start to wish we could have more time in this world.
Well, this short semester requires me to complete two assignments. I have completed one and have not even started on the second.
The first one is rather interesting. It is about the American Constitution. According to the American Constitution, the Government is prohibited to do or not to do anything which promotes religion. In other words, the government must maintain its neutrality towards religion. This may be interesting to the readers coming from the States.
During the 2008 economic crisis, AIG was having some financial difficulties. The US Treasury Department decided to bail out the AIG Group. This led to them owning a huge part of the AIG’s equity. Amongst the subsidiaries of AIG were some companies involved in Shariah compliant businesses.
Mr. Kevin J. Murray, a tax payer and an ex-marine, thought that the bailout by the US Treasury Department was unconstitutional as it promoted Islam (since AIG’s Subsidiaries were involved in Shariah compliant business.)
So I had to do a lot of research on the American Constitution, particularly the Establishment Clause which prohibited the promotion of religion, case law, legal journals (all this from the ever handy online news reports etc.
Very interesting. I like. I think I managed to simplify it to be as simple as possible.
The second assignment is rather straightforward. It is so straightforward that I’m already stuck before starting anything. I am supposed to identify and discuss the importance of Rider provisions in family and medical takaful contracts. I’m having a tough time trying to think of an interesting way to do it. I have the draft outline prepared and approved by the lecturer. (Actually I do that for all my assignments so that I don’t beat around the wrong bush!) I guess I’ll just have to write something and hope for the flow to trickle in as I progress.
I guess this sidetrack is taking more than it is necessary for me to clear my mind and to start my writing mode engine.
*Alisha telling me how happy she was playing with sand**
By the way! I just got back from a beautiful holiday with my mini family and in-laws (which includes F-i-L, M-i-L and S-i-L… tak ramai pun…) at the Berjaya Beach Resort in Pulau Redang. I seem to think that Berjaya Beach Resorts around the world is really interesting and very comfortable yet affordable. The staffs are locals which means that it provides good job opportunities to the locals too!
Alisha enjoyed herself the most! A real fun baby to go holidays with, Alhamdulillah.
*Alisha posing with her beach toys*
*The Pulau Redang Beach Model showing how beautiful the sand is there*
Pictures are posted on the Bride’s Facebook but I have shared it on my profile as well.
Pulau Redang Beach is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!
The sand is literally as white as snow and the sea is as clear as a swimming pool!
I managed to bury Alisha up to her waist and hoping to see her struggle to wriggle her way out, but I was wrong. She practically enjoyed being stuck in the sand as she was then able to stand and play with sand all around her! Haha!
*An unhappy Alisha in the bus back to the airport. Somebody does not want to end the holiday!*
Funnylah you little girl!
I brought my S-i-L's cool lime Dell Netbook with some hope of doing some of my assignment but the wonderful breeze and scenery managed to block any thought of doing work there. haha.
I better start back on my assignment.
Blog adjourned.

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Quiyah said...

interesting facts about the AIG bailouts, pls share more info on that..
coz i work in AIA and i have no clue about it.. :)