Monday, August 2, 2010

The Yellow Vest

I got this vest when I volunteered to be a facilitator for MPF / YMP Youth Camp 2010. It was really unfortunate that I could not attend the whole camp but was only available on the first day. My best friend’s wedding was also in that weekend and it was extremely tiring to be at both the places at within one weekend so I had to forgo the exciting camp for the Walimatul Urus.
*The Yellow Vest without a facilitator**
Even being a facilitator for one day entitled me to my yellow vest.
*The Vest With A Facilitator*
I like my yellow vest.
*Heh Heh Heh... What can I say...*
Today, after lunch, my mom asked me to be her driver as she wanted to go to some places. As I went to my car to take my sunnies, I saw my yellow vest on the passenger seat in my car. I quickly took and wore my vest as I make my way to my mom’s car.
As I got into her car, the following conversation took place:
Why are you wearing a vest?
It signifies that I am a driver, I must wear a vest.
What for?
Didn’t you hear? There’s a new law in place this week.
What new law?
Remember I told you that if a car is without insurance or road tax, the driver AND the car owner would get a summon each. Well, the new law states that if you wear a vest, that means you’re a driver. This way, the police would just summon the car owner and not the driver.
When did this start? How come I didn’t hear anything about it?
It was announced yesterday. It starts today. Where have you been???
If it’s like that, than anyone can just wear the vest and get away with it.
Maybe laa. It’s just a leeway to help those drivers whose employer was reckless enough not to renew road tax or insurance. Besides, who would want to wear a vest to drive right?
At this point, I was struggling to control myself not to laugh.
I think my mom bought the whole thing. But when dad comes back with the newspaper, she would realize that I had just pulled her leg BIGTIME!!!
Knowing my mother, she would not admit that she kena already and say that she knew I was bluffing.
Who cares? Haha!
As I was waiting for her, I went to this shop where they could use some technology to restore damaged old photos and make it look like new. Apparently the technology is used for museums. I can’t remember the name of the shop. Anyway, as I was asking the owner about the charges, he asked me why I was wearing a vest. I said:
I told my mom that if you’re a driver and if you wear a vest, you won’t get a summon but only the car owner would get the summon.
He replied:
Can I have one?
Boleh Belah!
Blog adjourned. 

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