Thursday, September 9, 2010

Immortality Belongs Only To Allah

My best friend, Ms. Liza Melati, lost her mother to cancer on 29th Ramadhan1431. May Allah grant Liza's mother forgiveness, bless her soul, have mercy on her and place her in Jannah Insha Allah.

If you  are a Muslim reader, I beg you to pause here for a minute and read Surah Al-Fatihah for Liza’s mother.

I received the news when I was on the way to Melaka to celebrate Eid al-Fitri with the Bride’s family. At that moment, Liza’s late mother was still at the hospital.

Losing one’s mother is not easy. This is especially so when you have been caring for your deteriorating mother’s health for almost a year long. May Allah forgive Liza's mother from all of her sins Insha Allah, as how it is mentioned that illness will clean sins. This is especially so when one has suffered for many years due to that illness.

Liza has been very strong in juggling her work and caring for her mother throughout the year. Taking turns with her sister, both of them had been the pillar of strength to their mother’s survival. Being the source of love and happiness was part of the key factor that any terminally ill mother needed to continue to fight for survival. They both managed to provide that strength to their mother.

The need to sacrifice all sorts of plans and programs to care for a terminally ill mother is not easy. That is why the reward that Allah promises for such sacrifice is too great to be mentioned in words.

The sacrifice that Liza had to make in caring for her late mother reminded me of the story of ‘Uwais Al-Qarnee.

‘Uwais Al-Qarnee did not meet the Prophet (saw) during the Prophet (saw)’s lifetime so he is not regarded as a companion. (A person can only be regarded as a companion if he had met the Prophet (saw) when the Prophet (saw) was alive). However, he was specifically mentioned by the Prophet (saw). The Prophet (saw) said that he was once afflicted with leprosy and his skin healed except for a small coin’s size. This small area was later on used to prove that he was ‘Uwais.  Another famous criteria about ‘Uwais that was mentioned by the Prophet (saw) was that he treated his mother well. All this can be seen in Sahih Muslim.
‘Uwais Al-Qarnee is known for his devotion to his blind mother. The Prophet (saw) gave a prophecy that ‘Uwais Al-Qarnee would come to Madinah and the Prophet (saw) told  Saidina Umar and Saidina Ali to ask ‘Uwais Al-Qarnee to pray to Allah to forgive them.

Here is a man who is not even a companion of the Prophet (saw) and yet, the Prophet told his two close companions to ask ‘Uwais to ask Allah to forgive them. This shows how great ‘Uwais is in the eyes of the Prophet (saw). Most scholars would affiliate ‘Uwais’ great respect to his devotion of caring for his blind mother. Stories about ‘Uwais transporting his mother by carrying her on his back and how he listen to his mother are highlighted when explaining how Allah lifts the status of a person for caring for their mother.

How wonderful it is if we are able to be of service to our mother especially when she is ill! How great it is for Liza to be able to be of service to her mother. May Allah grant her great rewards for caring for her mother and make her strong in accepting her mother’s departure.

I have mentioned here before that when we meet family members who have lost someone, we should say:
'A'zama-Ilahu Ajraka wa Ahsana 'Azaa-ka wa Ghafara Li-Mayyitika
May Allah enhance your recompense and be generous in your calamity and forgive the deceased

And the one who had lost someone would reply:

“Al-Baqa’ Lillah”
“Immortality belongs only to Allah”

It is a known promise and fact that every human will be brought before their Maker. When that happens, all of the connections in this world would end save for three things.

1.       Any beneficial knowledge
2.       Continuing charity
3.       Supplication from a pious offspring.

Thus I hope that Liza would not forget to pray for her mother.

"Rabbigh firli wali walidai ya"

“O my Lord, forgive me and both of my parents” 
This is an important and easy du’a to recite all the time especially during sujud in prayers after reading the necessary tasbih. It should be read either when our parents are alive or have passed away.

Again, May Allah have mercy on Liza’s mother’s soul and grant Liza and her sister sufficient strength and patience in enduring this heartbreaking loss.

Verily Allah will not test his servant more than what that servant can bear. The fact that He is testing you and your sister to bear this heavy loss proves that He, as you’re Creator and your Lord, knows that you will be able to accept this test and still hang on to Him for faith and strength. He knows what is in your heart, your strength and capabilities more than anyone else.

So be strong my dear good friend. And never stop making du’a for Allahyarhamah for as long as you live. Pray for her as much as you can.

You are her lifeline to good du’a now Insha Allah.

Blog adjourned.

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