Thursday, September 2, 2010

Many Happy Returns My Dearest Alisha

Hello Everyone!
You should have seen how she danced around when the Bride and I sang her her first birthday song this morning! Kelakar and Excited sangat-sangat ok!! Haha!
May you have many happy returns my dearest daughter.
*a few days old*

*Almost a year old with a wooden owl*
I pray that you be a Hafizah, Solehah, Outstanding in your performance in this Dunia and Akhirah, obtain Rahmah and be Blessed by Allah continuously Insha Allah!
She's also not feeling too well today. Slight fever, cough, phleghm, running nose and the usual flu like symptoms. She must've gotten it from her school (again!!!)
Anyhow, I got her a nice truck but have yet to assemble it. Hope she likes it!
Blog adjourned!

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