Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thirteen Months And Walking Away Happily

*Alisha playing Peek-a-Boo**

Alisha is now about 13 months.
She is quite steady on her feet and is able to walk around confidently. Usually she does not swing her hands when she walks and she also put her shoulders up for balancing puposes. She loves walking as it allows her to reach everywhere. She can reach her toys by herself, explore new territories and make her feel as though she is already a big girl as she can walk by herself. Sometimes, she would push your hand away so that she can have her own independence.
*Alisha walking confidently*
*Alisha exploring my ex-boss' house*
Once we were at the new Jaya building (opposite the demolished old Jaya) for dinner. After dinner I brought her to the lobby where there was a huge space and just left her there. You should see her excitement as she was walking non-stop all around the open area. She was seriously enjoying it. From one end to the other, she would smile at passerby and sometimes even wave at them.
One old man came to me and said:
You should not restrict her. Let her have space to play and roam about.
Will do that sir.
You have a very beautiful baby there.
Thank you sir. (smiling)
No wonder lah. The father also handsome!
My my my, what a beautiful baby. You are going to get a headache when she turns 16!
Hahaha! Good one sir!
Another thiing about Alisha is that when she sees anyone on a praying mat, she would surely come to say hello or to greet you. It’s like she knows that when you are praying, you cannot move to stop her and she gets to do whatever that she likes in front of you.
Once I was praying in the room and the Bride was using the laptop. Alisha was left to roam about in the room minding her own business. Then she saw me praying and came to me.
As I got up from my ruku’, she sat on my praying mat doing her own sujud. Then she got up and looked at me and gave me the i-am-so-adorable-when-i-smile look and just sat down in front of me.
At this point, I remembered a hadith of the Prophet (saw) about when he was praying and doing a sujud and two of his grandsons, Hassan and Hussein (ra) jumped up onto his back and started to play around with their grandfather. The Prophet was very patient and he just didn’t move fearing that one of them might fall and get hurt. That was how loving the Prophet is with children.
So I just stood there and waited patiently for Alisha to move away. Eventually she did.
The problem is…
I forgot which raka’at I was doing!
Remembering the hadith and relating that incident to me made me forget which raka’at I was at! Hehe.
Blog adjourned!

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shueyshoelove said...

alisha coms coms! mak cantik. yes. bapak handsome. hurmmmmmmmm.. hahahahha.

Malicious Mind said...

awwwwwww. big girl now..

Shazeea said...

MashaAllah Adam!

two_one said...

Shuey & Shazeea: Jazakallahumul Khair! :)
MM: She has grown hasn't she? so have your two angels as well :)

Quiyah said...

i really like the first picture.. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous..

two_one said...

Q: Masha Allah! Thanks :)