Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Love Of Children

Last year, In My Chambers published a post (click here) about Maulud Dibai in its humble bid to celebrate Maulidur Rasul. Certainly one way we can make our hearts firm with Allah is to read the stories of the Prophets (see surah Hud, verse 120).
It is my humble intention to write something about the Prophet for us all to read and make our hearts firm Insha Allah.
Considering that I have my own little baby girl who is 1.5 years young, I plan to write a short post about how the Prophet (saw) is with children.
If you read the history of the Prophet (saw), you would see that he is very loving towards children. He is also not shy in showing them his love for them. In Sahih Bukhari, Abu Huraira reported that al-Aqra' b. Habis saw the Prophet (saw) kissing Hasan. He said: “I have ten children, but I have never kissed any one of them”. Whereupon Allah's Messenger (saw) said:
“He who shows no mercy to the people, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, does not show mercy to him.”
It was said that the Prophet (saw) would kiss Ibrahim (his son) and inhaled his scent. He would also kiss Hassan and Hussein continuously.
It's true that children have got this scent that can really melt your heart. I still sniff little Alisha and breath in her sweet smell. Such smell seem to be much stronger when she was an infant and it seems to fade away as she grows bigger. 
*Help! Daddy's sniffing me again!!!*
Sometimes, when the Prophet (saw) was praying and doing sujud, his grandchildren Hassan and Hussein (ra) would play around him and climb on his back. Some narrations mentions that he would remain and not move for fear that they might fall and hurt themselves. Some narrations mentions that he would move them when he wanted to get up and when he made sujud again, they would climb on him again. This continued till he completed his prayers. Then he would take them both on made them sit on his knee without getting angry.
Let’s snap back into the present time.
When I was pray, I would make it a point to pray in front of my little Alisha. I think that it is a good way to introduce her to prayers. Everyday she would see the Bride and I pray on our prayer mat to the extent that when we take out the praying mat, she would raise her hands for du’a almost immediately. Somehow she also knows that when we pray, she gets something like a free auto roaming time to do anything to us and we won’t react. This simply excites her cheeky little heart. She would quickly drop her toys and came running to us and sit on us or climb our back etc.
Once I was doing ruku’ and she came and just sat in front of me and started to play with the prayer mat. At that moment, the hadith about how the Prophet (saw) would not move until his grandchildren moved occurred to me. So I remained in a ruku’ position. That was one of my longest ruku’. I was like, “Man! I’m living something like what the Prophet faced with his grandchildren! What a great feeling this is!”
So there I was in a ruku’ position, simply staring at my daughter being suddenly so curious with the design on my prayer mat. After quite a while, she decided to go and play with some other stuff. That allowed me to continue with my prayer just as how the Prophet (saw) would do when his grandchildren moved to a safer position.
Wow! What a feeling.
Then suddenly, I realized something…
I forgot which raka’at I was doing in my prayer!
So, the moral of the story is to always lock in your head your raka’at before allowing yourself to be the statue for your child or grandchild to play around when you are praying.
To end this post, I would like to send my peace and blessings to my beloved Prophet (saw), his family and companions.
May Allah move our hearts to love him more than we love our own selves Insha Allah.
Blog adjourned.

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Muhammad Azhari said...

Alhamdullilah. Very good post Adam.

Though I've never had a privilege of reading some of the Prophets doings that should be followed (which I would make a point of reading on it :D), I too have faced similar situations with the little ones whilst praying.

Though still praying, I could not help but being grateful and pray for more happy times like that as those are things that we really cherish most (thoguh there are times that like you, I had to restart praying all over again, LOL).

Continue the good write-ups Adam, I shall pop-in once in a while to post comments such as this if it is alright for you.

Twiggy said...

*sigh* Chempedak :)

two_one said...

Long: Hahaha! budak2 macam happy time bila orang semayang kan??? my younger brother masa dia kecik, would start prayer with all of us. lepas takbir dia belah gi main. bila tahiyat dia masuk balik thinking kita semua tak sedar dia hilang. hehe.
Twiggy: ailebiyu. :)

Quiyah said...

ahah, its been a while i had the time to browse ur blog, been catching up with ur postings.. haha.. nice layout, kudos to twiggy for doing such a fabulous job!
kids nowadays are very cheeky..my friend's son, when he saw us praying, he will go to the cupboard and made a major disaster with all the clothes! I can't help but laugh and had to start my prayer all over again..


Love it. Suddenly I feel like I'm ready to be a wife & mother. Insha Allah. Soon.

rhinoceros said...

ahahahahah lupa rakaat ke berapa! haahahah :p

Jane said...

hahaha! my niece does the exact same thing! then just as i bg salam she will hold my face n go- mama na im solli!! *melts*