Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be prepared!

It’s always good to be prepared. That is why I would read my files thoroughly. I wanted to understand fully the matters that I was entrusted to deal with. I tried to make sure that there is no room for anyone to twist their facts before me. It took me quite a while to really catch the hang of things as an SAR. Once I was comfortable with my matters, I didn’t need to read every single thing in a file. I knew where to get the necessary information. That helped me a lot. It gave me more time to do many other things.

I would pay extra attention to cases where the counsel is late. My matters would start at 9 am. I am the type of person who would call the counsel’s firm and ask them why they are not before me yet. Sometimes, I would be outside my room and hang around at the bench where the counsels would wait for their cases to be called up. Not many counsels would recognize me. There are too many lawyers in Kuala Lumpur and knowing a SAR is the last thing in their mind. As I sit there and wait for the arrival of the counsels for my matters, I could see how the counsels’ face would change when they step out of the commercial division door.

“That bloody SAR thinks she can order this and that. Who the hell does she think she is? She thinks she is so sma ha ha he helo there Tuan… I didn’t know you were here… have you had your breakfast? I better make a move first… have a nice day Tuan!!”

After waiting for some time out there, I’ll retire to my chambers and really read my files. Once I had a chambering student appearing before me about 2 hours late. She was panting when she came in. Probably it was due to running because she was late or it could be that she is a really good actress. I think it’s the former. Her panting looked genuine. Bear in mind that I had her facts of the case at the tip of my finger as I had 2 hours to run examine every single detail. I then proceeded to ask her why she was late and she replied that she forgot to put the date in her diary. I told her that this lackadaisical attitude is not good and will only obstruct her from going far in her legal career. This was a High Court commercial matter and it file should be worth more than RM250,000. Her boss and client would certainly not be happy if I struck out her case.

I then allowed her to continue. She went on and completed her submission. Then I asked her:

“Have you read your file?”


“Did you paste the notice on the building?”

“Erm… Yes.”

“Are you sure? Why is it in your affidavit at paragraph XX page XX your staff saif that you didn’t paste it on the building?”


“Oh… we didn’t paste it on the building”

“Why didn’t you?”

Then she realized that I have read her case thoroughly as I memorized all the details without looking at the files. Actually, I planned to query her about that particular fact as I was sure she didn’t read her file. Plus it would make me look like I knew inside out about that file if I could remember certain details like the page and paragraph number and not looking or flipping the pages.

She didn’t dare to lie anymore. She tried to look for the answer but she stopped a couple of pages before she could reach the answer. She looked at me and admitted defeat.

“I don’t know why we didn’t paste the notice on the building”

I allowed about a minute to pass without mentioning anything. That really helped to amplify the suspense… jeng jeng jeng…

“Counsel… Look at page YY and at paragraph YY. The reason why you did not paste the notice on the building is because they had already demolished the building. How in the world are you supposed to paste a notice on a demolished building?? You should read your files before you come to Court and never ever try to mislead the Court. Remember this and please be punctual next time. Order in Terms”

I wonder how she is right now…

Blog adjourned!

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