Friday, August 22, 2008

Cover Line...

Speaking of boo boo’s, I have made a couple of blunders myself. Once I was on the bench and the interpreter read both of the charges to the accused. The two were as follows:
1. No driving licence.
2. Reckless and dangerous driving (Rempit offence)

S.42 (Rempit offence) of the Road Transport Act requires me to suspend the convicted accused’s driving licence for a period of two years. Being excited (it was my second week on the Bench), when I was about to deliver my judgment, I asked the accused:

“Where’s your driving licence? Give me your driving licence.”

“Erm.. Tuan, I don’t have a driving licence…”

Gulp!! I read back the charges and realized that he didn’t have any licence. That was why he had two charges meted out against him.

Embarrassed? You think? Being in open Court, with everyone in the public gallery being present not because they had nothing better to do but because they had a matter to settle in Court. Now they see the Magistrate who is about to deal with their matter is careless enough to ask for a driving licence when the chap was charged for not having a driving licence!

Cover up is most important in this situation. But do it truthfully.

“Oh... you are right! You rode your bike dangerously and recklessly WITHOUT a driving licence… Tsk tsk tsk”

I then proceeded to deliver my judgment and quickly moved on to the following cases. After that, I have always double check the charges before I asked for anyone’s driving licence…

Blog adjourned!

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