Friday, November 7, 2008


One week to go and the work just keep on coming!

I expect about 5 appeals to be filed within the next week. I also have a remand and two junkies’ proceedings. On Thursday I will have to give my lecture to the traffic investigating officers. I will end my duties here by doing another remand on next Sunday. Next Monday will see me elsewhere.

Yesterday my chambers felt weird. I completed one defence witness at 5.15pm. One more witness to go before I decide. I thought of looking through my files and do some reading. I knew I was the only one left here but I could sense that there were “others”. “They” didn’t bother me. “They” were just present. “They” sort of made me feel restless. I didn’t feel any fear as I have been taught to always be or think stronger than “they” do. But I was really restless.

With such restless feeling, I knew that there was no point of doing anymore work. I was on the Bench full day over the past week. I was really tired and decided to go home. The restless feeling reduced when I got into my car and totally disappeared when I saw the Bride at home.

Let’s see if “they” plan to visit me again today or it was just my tired imagination yesterday. If it was true that “they” visited me yesterday, than they must’ve heard I was leaving and wanted to say goodbye. I doubt if I would ever know the truth in this world.

Blog adjourned...

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