Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mind Over Matter… If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes, as much as we do not want to judge a book by its cover, we seem to do it anyway. Why? It is probably much easier to generalize someone’s attitude into one word than to actually give it a thorough analysis.

One of the easiest ways to determine one’s attitude is by making a comparison. I think the human brain works easier when there is already a precedent attached to it. To redesign something out of nothing is certainly harder than to compare existing material. If the result of such comparison brings an equal equation, than it will be a win-win situation. However, if it highlights a positive and negative mathematical statement, the result would certainly be disastrous for the losing party. Then again, not every two individual can be subjected to the same test.

The All Mighty is certainly not that rigid in creating the best of His creations… right?

In other words, our mind can be tuned to think of the most creative thing. At times, it can just refuse to produce a single thought. At the same time, it can also think of immoral or wrong matters.

When we know how to control our thinking process, we can then have a healthier mind. Controlling the working of one’s mind requires strenuous effort in the beginning. Consistency is vital. Discipline is also fundamental.

But to my mind, the most important element in controlling one’s mind is regulation. With regulation, you will know your boundaries and have motivation to work towards improving yourself to meet the specs of the regulation. If not, you will not know your perimeters. You will think until you lose your mind. That’s crazy!

To me, religion can be symbolically interpreted as a set of regulation. It touches on every single aspect of one’s life. For example, Islam even explains how to wash one’s butt after pooping to maintain cleanliness.

So to all my readers, here’s to a healthier mind!

On a different note… Gong Xi Fa Chai and to those who will be travelling…
Pandu Cermat! Anda Mampu Mengubahnya!

Blog adjourned.

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