Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ibnu Pitong

Papa Pitong

It has been so long since I last penned my thoughts here.

Much has happened since. I was off to the southern part of Malaysia, crossed the border to one of our Strait Settlements, came back to the Tanah Tumpah Darahku, drove all the way back home. All within the span of three days. It was a good trip. Learned a lot, gained so much. Esok nak ke Borneo pulak untuk opening legal year. That should be a good experience. First time. Eksaited!

Oh, by the way, it saddens me to inform you all that Moomy Roxy was murdered by an unidentified killer (who is still on the loose) while defending her three hamlets. It could be a cat / bat / fox / bird / tree shrew. We found out about the incident only in the morning. Mom said she heard something that night but she thought it was hot water heater in the roof. The other four hamlets also mysteriously disappeared within the past 3 weeks. Right now, I suspect the other four hamlets abducted was also caused by the unidentified killer.

So I was very busy attending to the three hamlets needs. I have given two names so far and the Bride is in difficulty coming up with the other name.

This is Tony bin Pitong

This one has no name yet… cantik dia…

This one is the angry Cikong bin Pitong.

Tony was injured when Mommy Roxy died. I had to separate Tony from Cikong and nonamehamlet for about 2 weeks since Tony's wound attracted his brother and sister to continuously nibble him. Now all of them are in the big and secured cage guarded by the fatty bom bom Papa Pitong. Solid beb badan Pitong. Kelakar gila bila dia jalan dengan 2 bonjot belakang dia gerak kiri kanan. Hehehe.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. I am in the midst of preparing some draft speeches for the Big Boss. Pikir demi pikir untuk dapat ayat yang bunyi power aleh-aleh main points je yang diterima. Nampak sangat ayat tu tak power tapi perasan sendiri aje. Hahaha.

Blog adjourned!

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