Friday, April 9, 2010

Mayumi Itsuwa – Koibito Yo

Have you heard of her before? She’s a Japanese singer. My aunt introduced me to her music many many years ago. I use to listen to her cd in her car just enjoying her song without even knowing the meaning of it.

Today, I asked my Japanese classmate if she knew her. She said Mayumi Itsuwa is a legend. She even told me the meaning of the song I use to listen to before. Apparently it is a sad love song. A song about how a lady is pleading for her lover not to leave her all alone in the coldness of winter.

Below is the translation. The first part is quite well written. The end part is from some other website. Unfortunately, the writer of the first paragraph did not complete the whole translation.

Have a read. Listen to the song. Feel the music.

Boy am I so grateful that I have the Bride as my wife…


Check out this song here.

Layan seh....

KOIBITO YO - (My dear lover)

By Mayumi Itsuwa - Japan

When leaves fall at dusk, they foretell that the cold will come soon.
On the bench rotten by the rain, no one sits to sing and whisper love.
My dear lover,

I want you to be by my side because I am feeling cold.
I want you to say with a laugh that your farewell is only a joke

A jogging man is passing through on a pebbles street

He induce me who stand still

As if he wanted me to forget,

My dear lover, now I say good-bye

The seasons rotate, though

Two of us of those days

A shooting star in that evening

Shine and disappear, heartless dream

My dear lover, please stay beside me

I want you to say with a laugh that your farewell is only a joke

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