Saturday, June 27, 2009

His Legacy Remains

Michael Jackson

He was one of a kind. Possibly, the best of its kind.
His music videos are a story by itself and instilled with virtues.
His songs are ever green and had such deep meanings.
His moves were super cool and never vulgar.
He revolutionized the music industry.
He moved the world in so many good ways and yet people took advantage of him.
He had the fans from around the globe and yet he was lonely.
He was criticized unfairly, because he loved elementary things.
His departure leaves me with mixed and confused emotions.

I remember trying my level best to imitate his moves in primary school for Showtime at the school canteen. My Moonwalk looked more like an Ewolk.

The Bride has most of his album and it’s like having the best music collection.
He was 50 when his heart stopped palpitating. But his legacy will remain.
Michael Jackson…
the Legend...
The Most Gifted King Of Pop In The World.

My Legendary Icon

MJ adjourned.

3 obiter dictum:

Aidahs said...

i remembered that walk masa sekolah... u and the other chinese guy our senior tak silap...

huhuuhu.. its sad..

Doodle Shop said...

* cry * cry * cry *

Jolie Mendes said...