Monday, June 22, 2009

I Read and I Learned

Two very interesting incidents happened last week.
The first was that I was given the honour by the Deputy Registrar to read the Chief Justice’s decision.

Background: a few months ago, leave to appeal to the Federal Court was granted for 2 questions of law. One regarding O.6 and another regarding O.1A of the Rules of the High Court. Hearing proper was before the CJ, CJM and Dato’ Sri Augustine Paul, FCJ. The CJ wrote the judgment, which incorporated the comments of the other two panel members.
As a Senior Assistant Registrar (on record, and fulfilling other duties), I read the whole judgment.
It was awesome. More meaningful as I was present in open court when the appeal proper was heard and I was part of the “administrative officer” for the case.

The second interesting thing that happened last week was the tutorial session between Dato’ Gopal Sri Ram, FCJ and the Judicial Officers from Palace of Justice.

Background: Dato’ Gopal Sri Ram wanted to have a session with all of the officers from POJ to discuss the following rescission, resulting trust and administrative law.
I can safely tell you all that all the male officers couldn’t find their balls that day.
He gave us a 2 ½ inches of reading materials comprising of 17 cases for us to read before hand. We only managed to cover the first two issues only. The third issue is to be discussed at another agreed time.

Semua orang study maut! Tak cukup masa, buat masa untuk study... READ READ READ!

He would have his usual antic in court of shooting a question at anyone in the library. If you have seen him in action before, you would know how lawyers can be ballerina when they have the pleasure of appearing before him. Fortunately / Unfortunately (it depends on how you look at it),if he knows your name, he would not hesitate to mention it when asking a question.
If you did not read the materials provided earlier, you might as well not come for the tutorial. But if you have read it, it can be one of the most educating 2 hours of your life!

I asked something about fiduciary relationship and when he wanted me to clarify my question, he said:
"Just because you can cough up those two words together does not mean you can simply use them! Explain!"


The tutorial turned out to be super cool! Learned so much in a few hours... And will learn more soon.

This week is Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK) week. Am off to ILKAP for my pre-exam courses untuk naik pangkat…
Wish me luck!
Blog adjourned!

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