Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Public Poopy

As you might have read or heard, I have been quite responsible in disposing my little one's golden waste. Except for some nights when I could not wake up as I mistaken the Bride's call for duty as a beautiful lullaby which drives me into deeper sleep.

It's a no biggy to get down and dirty with my girl. The chrett is what we call her big bubu. Chrett because it literally sounds like that.
The normal drill would be to unbutton onesie, unwrap the diaper, check her clothes for any misfire or wardrobe malfunction, wipe wipe, dry dry, olive oil splish splash, place a new clean dry diaper under her cute bum, and Valla! A beautiful baby with a clean bum.

But such honourable duty can sometimes be extremely stressful. Especially when there are curious guests around. These guests, already amused to find out that I bath my baby every day, are too curious to leave the room when I have to clean my baby's smelly buns.
"Betul ke dia boleh buat ni semua?" or so they seem to say.

So they stay around as I fulfill my destiny as a poopy cleaner. And they watch with without blinking. It’s like I’m competing in a spectator sport. Being an amateur, I begin to lose my focus. I start lose my props. I can't find my tissues, cotton, baby wipes, olive oil and the bunch of other cleaning stuff. Pressure okay cuci buntut bila orang tengok!

Just as I am about to complete my task, my uncooperative little girl would just turn her face red and Chrett... Pause... Chrett again... smile... pee... scream… and give everyone the I’m-very-uncomfortable-please-change-me-now… FAST… look.


What usually would take less than 4 minutes now seems to be taking 10 hours.
Hilang macho gua...

Poopy adjourned.

1 obiter dictum:

Twiggy said...

She loves her Daddy alright, hehehehe