Monday, October 5, 2009

Football Fever

A few days ago, the Bride and I brought our little girl for her monthly jab. She was sleeping the whole time when the doctor was explaining to us about rashes, baby vomit (or muak) and other veksodukolokehapebende jabs necessary for her.
Then when the doctor wanted to check her, she opened her eyes slightly just to peek at the doctor. When the doctor started to spray some alcohol on her thigh to get her ready for the jab, she started to give the what-are-you-going-to-do-to-me-mister kind of look. As the doctor begun to insert the needle, my daughter got the whole clinic to know that her monthly jab is certainly painful. She screamed so loud that I was so proud of her fully developed lungs.
But it was only a short scream, because soon after, she stopped as she was herself unsure what had happened. As I picked her up, she started to look around wondering what just happened. Funny lah she.
Today, the Bride text me that the little one has a slight temperature. Kesian… dah kena jab demam pulak…
It’s all right. Part and parcel of growing up. Kan?

People always say “from a bird’s eyeview” but below, I managed to capture what it would be like from a “baby’s eyeview”…
Whadya think? No?? Hahaha…
Oh oh!
Today I received my first daddy gift. Uncle D dropped by and gave me the coolest daddy present ever! Check it out!

Cool tak?
I have not taken it off since… and I’m not planning to do so anytime soon. It matches with her blanket dress that her Tia got for her from Old Trafford!
These two new Manchester United signings are certainly ready for the some live life games!

I guess her hot temperature is just some heavy dose of football fever...

Blog adjourned.

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Soraya said...

cool cool.
Glory Glory Baby Aliiiisha!!