Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Berd and Budin

Three days ago, I went to lunch with the Bride and her colleague at Baloh, Damansara Perdana. While I was waiting for her to arrive, there was one salesman walking with two bird cages. I thought he was selling real birds complete with a cage and the decorations so I called him to get a closer look.

Actually, he was selling a toy bird in a cage that responds to sounds. If you clap in front of it, the bird will happily chirp all sorts of bird sounds. He was selling it fro RM22. I thought it would be a cool pet toy for Alisha so I bargained with him to sell it to me at RM20. Fortunately, he agreed. I thought he purposely marked up the price to RM22 so that his customers would feel like they got a good price when they bargained RM2 with him. Smart fellow. J
So there I was, waiting by the roadside for the Bride with a pet toy bird in a cage. The Bride thought I bought a real bird! Hehehe.
In order to avoid Alisha from being confused, we decided to name the pet toy bird “Berd, The Bird”. This way, we can call it a “Berd” but Alisha would think that we were calling it “bird”. We even taped the speaker underneath the cage so that Berd’s chirping is not too loud. Hehehe. Smart parents.
*Berd, The Bird*
Just as I suspected, Alisha loves Berd, The Bird. She would bring him along everywhere in the room by dragging the whole cage with her. Berd doesn’t mind being handled by Alisha and would continuously chirp her similar cute sounds all the time.
Yesterday, Alisha and I were playing at the balcony beside our television area. We were trying to chirp at the real birds flying home. Suddenly, I heard a cute tiny sound coming from the side of the balcony.
Lo and Behold! 
There was a baby bird lying on the floor. I think it fell from its nest located in between the roof of the balcony. Ants were already on the way to attack it. I quickly called the Bride to save it from further harm as I was holding Alisha. It looked like it was okay Alhamdulillah. My maid said that there was another baby bird that had fell there earlier during the day but it was already dead when she found it.
*The baby bird that fell from her unreachable nest*

 The Bride and I quickly took the baby bird inside and showed it to Alisha. Alisha seronok gila dapat tengok a real baby bird. J
*Look mommy, its a real baby bird!*
*Psst... Daddy nak keep the baby bird eh??*
*Can I give it my cracker? Polly wants a cracker?*
Upon googling the many ways to care for a baby bird, we have now placed it in a shoe box at the side of the balcony upstairs just beside the roof where we suspect is its nest. Tak sampai pulak nak letak dia at her own nest.
Last night and today we fed it with minced meat. The pet shop that I went to just now said to give it nestum so I got a syringe and fed it with Alisha’s nestle baby cereal that she doesn’t want to eat anymore.
It looks like it’s getting better now.
In the meantime, I have decided to call it “Budin”.
 *Rambut macam Budin*
*Alisha and Mommy feeding Budin*
So I am planning to continue feeding it until it learns how to fly and to find its own food.
*hello Budin!*
Now Alisha has Berd and I have Budin.
Blog adjourned.

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Quiyah said...

oh, hi budin! ahaha..

two_one said...

Q: Budin dah takda... :(