Thursday, November 11, 2010

To My Buddy: Budin, The Baby Bird.

This post is dedicated to my buddy Budin, The Baby Bird.
*Budin, The Baby Bird*
We found him lying helplessly at our balcony.
His nest was too high for us to put him back in.
So we took him in and gave him a shoebox to be sheltered from the cold night and sunny day.
We never saw his parents come back for him. Maybe they did but they didn’t know how to get him back to their nest.
He was very weak so we continuously cared for him the whole night and day.
He grew stronger after just a day. I thought he was going to make it. So I named him “Budin”.
I gave him a name because I was committed to care and nurse him for as long as he wants my assistance.
He fell asleep as I was feeding him last night. Chomel gila...
I went to bed as well.
Then I had a nightmare. I dreamt that I was playing with a toy attached to some string. Whenever I threw it, it would fly and with the string, I could maneuver it back to me. It was really exciting. Then suddenly, as my toy landed, I found Budin’s shoebox beside me. As I opened the lid, I saw a group of red ants surrounding Budin. Budin was not moving anymore.
I woke up instantly and ran to see Budin.
Unfortunately, my nightmare was in fact, a reality.
Tiny red ants were crawling all around Budin’s body.
Budin is no more.  
The Bride said that he came to say goodbye to me in my sleep.
Kesian Budin.
Budin oh Budin.
We were not sure why you fell, why we found you or even why was your stay so short.
We do know that you have managed to generate much love from such a short time you were with us.
There is much Hikmah in anything that He plans for us . I am sure that one of the Hikmah that can be understood here is that He has allowed us to love you Budin.
My buddy Budin, The Baby Bird.
May you rest in peace.
Blog adjourned.

5 obiter dictum:

Quiyah said...

erk? May you rest in piece Budin..

Shepha said...

oh kasihan budin.
semoga beliau tenang di sana.

update la kisah ketua kambing :)

two_one said...

Q: Thanks :(
Shepha: iA dia ok kot kat sana. Kita kena usaha jadi baik so that boleh jumpa dia balik nanti. :)
Kisah KK dah cerita kat FB punye album water rafting dah. :)

Shazeea said...

My housemate took in a bird after it fell from the nest during a storm. They put it back nearby hoping the mama bird would find him but he didn't. He also died soon after that. =(

I think it's difficult to look after baby birds. I think that's what the internet says.

two_one said...

Shazeea: oh well.. at least we did our level best. it's Amazing how He keeps the whole universe align all the time... jaga anak burung seekor pun kita tak boleh... Certianly Allah is Greater than anything and He is the Greatest. :)