Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Islamic Back Street Boy...Maher Zain

*Maher Zain**
That guy is simply phenomenal.
When he first came around, I personally thought, “Hey, this guy can really sell”.
True enough, only a couple of months after that thought, he was like the most celebrated Muslim artist in Malaysia. All of my nephews and niece knew his songs and couldn’t get enough of him.
But the Bride was not so into his songs.
Again I thought, “Hmm… I have the strangest feeling that his music will slowly creep into our car soon”. True enough, I got his CD and played it in the car when Alisha was screaming at the top of her voice. The Bride was not in at that time. Guess what happened? Alisha was star struck! She went completely quiet and I could see that she was enjoying the music. Maher Zain music!
Since Maher Zain (along with Michael Jackson) can make Alisha quiet, his CD had to go on and on and on. This led me to a few other observations. Firstly (and the Bride agrees on this one) is that his music is very much similar to BackStreet Boys. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BSB! And I also feel that the Maher Zain’s tunes are rather on the same tunes with BSB.
 *Maher Zain at one of his concerts*
 *Maher Zain at a BSB concert... eh? Wait a minute!!! LoL*
Secondly, I think his musics have got a lot of Blessings from the All Mighty. Did you know that the song Barakallah is actually a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In the book Bulughul Maram, that hadith was discussed and the phrase:
“Barakallahu lakuma Wa Baraka ‘Alaikuma Wa Jama’a Bainakuma Fi Khair
was the dua that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recited when S. Ali and S.Fatima (RA) got married.
Barakallahu lakuma means “May the blessings of Allah be upon you”.
Wa Baraka ‘Alaikuma means “May the blessings of Allah be above you”. It seems like the same meaning to the first one but ulama’ have explained that the first phrase is for Allah to bless the goodness in the couple and the second is for Allah to bless the short comings of the couple and turn it into something good… comprehensive eh? Yang baik pun diberkati, yang kurang pun diberkati jugak.
Wa Jama’a Bainakuma Fi Khair means May He unite the both of you in goodness.”
Now, I say Maher Zain has got a lot of barakah for his music because of this.
The Prophet taught us to teach about what he preaches even if it is a single verse. Remember what I said about my nephews and niece? Two of them are five years old, one is 8 and another is 10. All of them memorizes that dua that the Prophet (SAW) had recited for his daughter and son-in-law/cousin. I was told that when Maher Zain did a concert here in Kuala Lumpur last month, almost the whole stadium sang with him for all of his songs including this one.
Can you imagine the reward he gets when people recite the hadith because of him and his music? See how his da’wah reaches even children???
I wonder if those who feel strongly against music would reconsider their opinion…
Anyhow, I pray that Maher Zain continue to develop this wonderful Islamic and Shariah compliant buzz, be blessed by the All Mighty, be protected from evil and takabbur, be successful in this world and the Here After.
I also heard that he had just gotten his first child. May his child be a hafiz, soleh, outstanding in his performance dunia and akhirah…
God Bless Maher Zain. No matter what people say about you, you will always remain to be my Islamic BSB.
Check out the Bride's post on Alisha singing along Maher Zain's music here. :) (Thanks for reminding me bebeh).
Blog adjourned.

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cmb said...

laa, how come you didnt link it with Alisha's video of her singing the Maher Zain song? heheh.

Girl Behind A Shadow said...

I memorize all his songs. The Chosen One and Hold My Hand are my favs... no wait I love them all :)

I feel so close to HIM when I listen to MZ's songs. Btw, he's coming up with a second album in June.

U shud really go to his concert next year. I went this year and cannot wait for next year. Maybe by then dh bole bwk Alisha :)