Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peng Peng Part 4 (Ni Last Part)

*Sila jangan cari pasal dengan Kumpulan Ramas, kalau tidak kami peng peng anda*
Kumpulan Ramas had to duel with abang-abang polis again... Pressure... Amateurs (us) lawan professional shooters (them)! 
My sharp shooter teammate shot first. Guess what? She hit her plate but it didn’t drop! It turned slightly to the left.
*Look at the plate on the far left, can u see that it's senget?*
I thought to myself, “Shot! That looks like a bloody tough target! I really hope she manages to hit it again with her remaining bullets...Susah gila kalau aku kena amik shot tu!”
While those thoughts were in my head, I still hadn’t fired any shot. I wanted to start slow and let my teammates shoot whatever they could first. I wanted to take my time. That was the risk that I was willing to take to ensure that I got all of my targets.
Confidence level was damn high. I was also damned confident with my teammates. All three of them were awesome shooters.
I started off slowly and saved my bullets. I fired my first shot after aiming (and thinking the above thought) for about 20 seconds.
My second shot also kena the target.
By this time, there were only two plates left. My teammates had shot down all the other plates. I had 3 bullets left and my teammate beside me had one left. As I brought my gun from the top of my head till the three dots were in line in front of my left eye to aim one of the two plates, I realised that my teammate and I were aiming the same plate. I quickly turned to the other remaining plate.
Guess what?
It is the same senget plate that my friend had earlier shot but it didn’t fell. I call it the *plate degil*
The opponent’s team also had 1 plate left.
*Getting ready to aim*
Shit! The same scenario again. Being last to shoot for the team and its a race against time.
It was either me or them now. I didn't know how many bullets they had left but i know I had 3 bullets left. This boosted my confidence to the max!
As I turned to aim the senget plate, I could feel the heat of being the last shooter for my Kumpulan Ramas. I didn’t waste much time and just slowly ‘ramas’ed my trigger.
*Aiming the last senget plate*
Fulamak! The feeling punyelah best, sampai I kenot explain and am now writing campur English BM! Best gila babeng!!!
I could see that my teammates were already celebrating but I couldn’t as I was too excited to unload my gun from the two remaining bullets. 
*Teammate yang sama over confident, belum tembak dia dah angkat tangan! LOL!*
I was frantically calling the “Pengasuh” and once I saw him securing my gun, that is when the Winning Dance began...
Although my friend calls it the “Ape Dance”...
 *Abang Polis, pistol saya masih ada peluru tapi saya dah terlalu eksaited sampai tak reti nak kuarkan peluru tu dah*
 *Well... it wasn't that difficult was it?? HAHA*
*Umpire... kali ni betul ke kami menang?* 

 *Ape Dance*
 *Winning Dance*
*Winning Pose*  
 *With all of my hadiah*
*Some of the Competition's Winners*
It was the best experience ever!
Layan gila babeng!
Blog adjourned.

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